CHSSCS leads the way for iSchool

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s  iSchool is an award-winning, nationally accredited concurrent education program that gives high school juniors and seniors a head start on their college education. Students take university classes online at their high school campus as part of their regular school day earning both university and high school credit. There is no cost for courses or textbooks.
UNCG iSchool courses are identical to those offered to any other UNCG student. These courses are the same as those taught on campus at UNCG.  They have not been altered for high school use or for the online medium. As such, these courses are fully transferable to colleges and universities throughout the United States. Indeed, Dare County students will learn exactly what to expect in a college course when they arrive on a campus.
Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies Distance Learning Coordinator Bob Mackall says, "We are proud to be the first school in Dare County to enter the UNCG iSchool program. Combined with our College Board Advanced Placement Program, CHSSCS students can conceivably complete high school and their freshman year of college at the same time. All without cost to their parents."
Matriculating next semester into the UNCG iSchool program at Cape Hatteras are Sara Cashman, Kala Whitehead, Dana Griffith, Alexandria Scholten, Heather Woods and Kelli Mueller.
For more information about the iSchool:
Students in all Dare County high schools who have met eligibility requirements may have additional opportunities to earn high school and college credit by enrolling in Learn & Earn Online courses offered through the North Carolina Community College system. For more information about this opportunity, students should talk with school counselors.


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