Friday Café is a special place for adults to dine

Located in Room 316 at Cape Hatteras Secondary School of Coastal Studies, the new student run Friday Café is a wonderful place to eat.  The Café provides a spot on campus where adults working in the school can sit down and eat or take the food out. It is a place for teachers and other staff members to have lunch, talk, and become friends.

The first day the café was open was Jan. 11, and, by all accounts, it went very well. Eighth-grader Eddie Vickers, seventh-grader Ward Cameron, and sixth-graders Robbie Bendula and Lisa Wayne served "breakfast" for lunch.

"We had pancakes and sausage and egg and cheese biscuit sandwiches," said Eddie. "We actually made a 20 cent profit when we anticipated we would be in the red for our first day."

CHSSCS teacher Merri Jamieson is faculty sponsor for the café.

"The students take turns shopping, setting up, cooking, greeting, serving, and cleaning up. Everyone likes to be the manager and count the money!"

Future menus include lasagna with salad and garlic bread, chicken with pasta and smoothies, spaghetti and meatballs with spinach salad, and chili with cornbread and green salad.

 "The food is really good. It is worth a lot more than the $5 we charge," the students say.

The Café is open each Friday that school is open.


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