February 21, 2008

Surfing in black and white…WITH SLIDE SHOW

Most days you will find Wayne Fulcher at Indian Town Gallery, painting island scenes in acrylics, watercolors, or pastels.

However, other times you might see Fulcher walking along Highway 12 or wandering on the beach, with his camera slung around his neck.

He uses some of his photographs for his work as a painter.  For instance, after Hurricane Isabel, he hiked to the newly formed inlet between Hatteras and Frisco and photographed the scene.  The photographs were translated into his paintings of “Izzy’s Inlet” that were bought by locals and tourists.

But mostly photography is his hobby. He takes photos just because he is an artist who loves to experiment with cameras and angles and subjects and styles.

Last summer, Fulcher spent time on the beach, photographing surfers. 

He photographed them in black and white because he really loves that medium.  He says he likes it because it’s what he started out with in the days of film.  He’s an admirer of Ansel Adams, one of the country’s most famous photographers, whose striking black-and-white photos are re-published even today.

We thought you might enjoy seeing Wayne Fulcher’s collection of surfing photos in black and white.

Most were taken at the Lighthouse Beach last summer, and many feature local surfer Brett Barley of Buxton.

Fulcher, 68, is a self taught artist who has been painting the landscapes and lifestyles of Hatteras for most of his life. He was born on Hatteras into a family with deep roots on the island. One of his grandfathers was a keeper of the Hatteras Light and the other was a member of the U.S. Life-Saving Service.

He grew up away from the island, but spent summers and school vacations with his family here. After a number of years away, working part-time as a painter, he came back home in 1998 to make his living as an artist.

His black-and-white surfing photos are stark, exciting, and dramatic.

Although his passion for photography is apparent in these photos, don’t get the idea that Fulcher has a passion for surfing.  He says he had one of the first surfboards on Hatteras Island, but he wasn’t any good at the sport.  He sold it to another island surfer, John Ochs, for $20 and never was tempted to try surfing again. 

If you stop by to visit him at Indian Town Gallery, or contact him at [email protected]t he can tell you all about his passion for photography and the equipment he uses.



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