March 12, 2008

Negotiated Rulemaking Committee will meet in Avon March 18-19

The federally appointed group of 30 stakeholders who are charged with negotiating long-term off-road-vehicle regulations for the Cape Hatteras National Seashore will have a third meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 18 and 19, at the Avon Fire Hall.

The meetings begin at 8:30 a.m. each day and end at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday and 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

The public is invited to attend the meetings, and time is set aside at noon each day for public comment.

Agenda items include mapping existing activities, access, and closures; discussing seasonal and natural resource closures; identifying issues and potential recommendations; socio-economic impact and survey, and discussion in small groups of beach carrying capacity and permits and passes.

The final draft agenda for the meetings is:

3rd Regulatory Negotiation Meeting
Avon Fire Hall, Avon, NC

Draft Final Agenda
March 18-19, 2008

•    Balance opening up discussion and understanding of issues with seeking potential solutions and agreements
•    Jointly map existing activities, access and closures
•    Discuss “seasonal” and “natural resource” closures
•    Identify issues, potential recommendations, and seek agreement, where possible
•    Develop and organize work for coming months
•    Obtain input from the public



8:30-Welcome to All and Opening of the Meeting, Mike Murray, NPS, Designated Federal Official (DFO)

8:45-Review agenda, Facilitators and Agenda Planning Committee
Review and approve February meeting summary, Facilitators

9:00-Mapping current uses (people, birds and turtles, etc.), access, closures
  • The Committee will build a common understanding of how the beach is used currently by people, birds, turtles, etc. through jointly viewing maps and discussing areas of use, access (locations and kinds), and closure
  • Once the current situation has been identified, the group may discuss understanding of past closures and openings prior to the present conditions
  • Identify areas of agreement and areas in dispute for further discussion


10:45-Continue joint “mapping”

12:00-Public Comment
Specific comments are requested on the following --
  • What are the most important issues about uses, access or closures and why?
  • What information does the Committee need to address these issues?


1:15-Report from Seasonal Closure Work Group
Topics discussed
  • Identify and discuss major issues
  • Seek agreement, to the extent possible, on definitions, dates and times, etc.
  • Next steps


3:15-Natural Resource Closures
  • NPS provides background presentation on how natural resource closures are currently managed, and implications of pending litigation
  • Identify and discuss major issues
  • Identify next steps to continue exploring issues and identifying options

5:00-Summary of Day and Closing Remarks


7:15-Socio-Economic Subcommittee Meeting and Discussion (?)



8:30-Review of Day I and Day II Agenda

8:45-Work Group meetings
  • Vehicle characteristics, Carrying Capacity, Permits/Passes
  • Other (?)


10:15-Reports from Work Groups and Economic Subcommittee
  • Summary of discussions
  • Identify recommendations, if any, and key topics for further discussion
  • Seek agreement, where possible, on specific issues

12:00-Public Comment
Specific comments are requested on the following --
  • Issues and potential options for ORV management due to natural resource closures
  • Issues raised in Work Groups or Socio-Economic Subcommittee

12:30-Working Lunch

1:15-Continue discussion of Day 1 Issues or topics from Work Groups/Subcommittee


2:45-Planning for future meetings
  • Prioritize key issues for further discussion
  • Work Groups, Socio-economic Subcommittee, additional subcommittees?
  • Agenda topics for next meeting -- May
  • Action items
  • Other?

3:45-Summary and Closing Remarks



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