April 29,  2008

Dare and Hyde counties make plans for re-entry after evacuation

Re-entry permits necessary to return to the Outer Banks after an evacuation were mailed by Dare County and should be received by residents during the week of April 28.

Residents are asked to check now for their 2008-09 re-entry permit rather than waiting until the last minute, should the need arise to evacuate the Dare County Outer Banks. Permits are issued one to a household, based on car registration information. Individuals not owning a vehicle will need to contact the office of Emergency Management at 252-475-5655.

No re-entry permits will be issued within 72 hours of the expected landfall of a storm approaching the Outer Banks.

The permit is valid for a two-year period. New permits are issued throughout the two-year period only to new owners of improved property.

Should the Dare County Outer Banks be threatened by a hurricane, notice of an impending evacuation will be given in a variety of ways -- print media, radio, and television, including the official local government access channel found on cable channel 20 and the Dare County Web site at www.darenc.com.

The same media will be used to announce when conditions have abated enough after a storm to permit re-entry. Depending on the severity of the storm, re-entry may be allowed only on a staged basis to ensure the protection of people and property.  Specific routes to the Outer Banks may be necessary to access different areas of the county, so it is important to call 877-629-4386 or 252-475-5655 for detailed re-entry information following an evacuation.

Non- resident essential personnel of critical businesses, such as food service/supply, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, insurance companies, property management, building supply, local contractors/tree removal will be permitted re-entry after a storm only with a special permit. Non-resident property owners and non-resident employees of non-critical businesses also are issued special re-entry permits.

Permits issued to critical businesses for essential employees must meet certain, stringent criteria. Contact Emergency Management at 475-5655 for more information or to make application for them.

Residents of Dare County will be allowed entry with a valid driver’s license with a local address whether they have a permit or not when conditions warrant. The use of the permits, however, will minimize delays for everyone attempting to return.

During an emergency, residents and guests are encouraged to monitor local media or call on-site Emergency Management staff at 252-475-5655.

Hyde County Emergency Management will be issuing re-entry stickers on two dates in June at the Ocracoke Community Center.  They are Wednesday, June 18, and Wednesday, June 25, from 1 to 5 p.m.

The stickers will be good for two years.  Residents should be prepared to show a driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of property ownership (for non-residents).

Anyone unable to attend the two sessions can mail or fax the items required to Hyde County Emergency Management.  The phone number is 252-926-4274 and the fax is 252-926-3701.  You can also e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Qualified employers who want to request priority stickers for their staff members should do so by June 15.

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