June 26,  2008

Hatteras village fish fry is an island tradition
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Every Saturday from Memorial Day through Labor Day, a loyal band of men and women from Hatteras village sponsor a fish fry at the Fire Station to raise money for the volunteer fire department and other village non-profit organizations.

They insist on cooking only fresh fish, caught by local watermen, and it is usually bluefish and sometimes Spanish mackerel.

A group of dedicated volunteers begins working in the morning to prepare everything from scratch, including slicing cabbage for the coleslaw, mixing volumes of homemade potato salad, and making big vats of iced tea.  

Those who are unable to help on Saturdays donate the ingredients and materials or make desserts at home.  It is a genuine community effort and all of the proceeds go directly where they are needed.

Later, in the steamy heat of the southern summer, other hardy souls come to serve the food from long tables in the fire station, and still others stand over huge vats of blistering hot oil as they fry breaded fish fillets and hush puppies.

The line forms early before serving begins at 5 p.m., but while it can be long, it is really friendly.  Locals take the night off from cooking, and visitors get to enjoy a little bit of island life as they feast on one of our best traditional summer suppers.   Regular patrons and first-timers sit together along picnic tables near the cook shack behind the fire station and everyone “catches up.”  

The fish fry dinners are scheduled for each Saturday through Labor Day from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Hatteras village Volunteer Fire Department. The cost is $9 for adults and $6 for children. Carry-out is available.
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