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 Hatteras village and its people are just the best

Newberry, S.C.

What a place you have in Hatteras! This past June was my first time visiting the Outer Banks. I was attracted by the fishing to go and enjoy what you have to offer.

My visit started on May 31 and ended on June 7.  I came to a sportfishing school in Hatteras village, sponsored by the North Carolina State University. And what a pearl from God did I find.

The island and people far surpassed my expectations. I found myself standing in awe of the small island filled with people willing to help in an instant. Let me tell you how. 

I stayed at the Breakwater Inn were the assistant in the office was so nice I almost passed out. The rooms were very nice and roomy in every way. The first night I walked around after eating in the local restaurant, and I was reminded of my home town of Carolina Beach, just south a ways, except 40 years ago. People were waving to say hello or asking if you needed anything. My heart was filled with warmth that could only be described as coming from above. Sunday I went to the Methodist church and was welcomed with open arms, as if I were a long-lost child coming home.

The next few days were all filled with the same experience from fishing with Harper’s Folly to asking the fellow at the NAPA store if he sold knives, so I could cut up my day’s catch. He didn’t sell knives but handed me one of his. I told him that I couldn't take his knife. I offered to pay for it, and he simply said, “No just take it.” So I told him that I would bring it back after I used it for my catch. Later that night he wasn't there, so I placed it in a box in front of the door.

Then it was fishing with Rom Whitaker. I was one of the fools who drank coffee that morning, so you know what happened next and that was that. After the stomach problems were over, we caught fish on top of fish and learned even more.

The Saturday night fish fry at the fire station was the best, and it brought back memories of Carolina Beach when I was a kid and the families getting together for a meal. I never met so many folks that made you feel like family in all of my years, and they will not be forgotten.

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