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August 20,  2008

Ocracoke’s South Point opens again


The popular South Point of Ocracoke reopened to ORVs – again – on Wednesday, Aug. 18.

The National Park Service said that the pre-nesting closure, established in late March that includes the interior sections of the point, will remain in place.  It is still posted with signs and symbolic fencing and is closed to vehicles, pedestrians, and pets. There is an ocean shoreline access corridor that is posted accordingly.  The area is open to ORV traffic from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

The Park Service said its staff will continue to monitor the area for bird nesting activity, as well as for an increased number of sea turtle nests in the area.

South Point on Ocracoke first re-opened on Monday, Aug. 4, after a three-month closure to protect nesting shorebirds and colonial waterbirds.  Islanders and visitors flocked to the area along Ocracoke Inlet, where the fishing was described as “phenomenal.” Anyone who wanted to catch a puppy drum could find one, according to Melinda and Alan Sutton, who own Tradewinds Tackle shop on the island..

On Wednesday, Aug. 4, a least tern chick was spotted in the area, and the Park Service had to shut the Point down again.

Alan Sutton said he and Melinda are “just happy to see it open again.”

And, he added the fishing is just as good as it was earlier in the month, especially for puppy drum.

You can check out the Web site,, for more photos of those puppy drum.

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