February 17,  2009

Water advisory for Buxton is canceled

Potable water service to the Dare County Cape Hatteras water system in Buxton has been restored to capacity.  Samples collected from multiple locations within the system have been analyzed in a state certified laboratory and found to be free of coli form bacteria.

Based on these results, the continued presence of adequate disinfectant residuals, and the maintenance of consistent pressure throughout the system, the “boil water” advisory has been rescinded.

Residents, businesses, and industries served by this system are urged to continue to manage their water usage and consumption and report any leaks or problems to the Dare County water system.

February 16,  2009

Dare County issues water advisory for Buxton

The water main break causing interruption of service to water customers in Buxton has been repaired.  Repairs were completed at 3:30 on Monday morning.  Customers may continue to experience periods of low pressure or discolored water for a period of time.

Based on the potential for contamination from cross connections or back siphonage, the customers of the water system in the village of Buxton are advised to boil all water used for human consumption.  The Water Department will have bacteriological test results on Tuesday morning, at which time the advisory may be lifted.   

 Boiling the water to a full rolling boiling for a period of one minute before use for consumption (drinking or making tea, coffee, Kool-Aid etc.) or ice making should  greatly reduce the possibility of any bacteriological contamination. If you can not boil the water, add plain household bleach (which is 4 to 6 percent chlorine) using 1/4 teaspoon per gallon.  Water should have a slight bleach odor.

Because boiling water can increase nitrate levels that might be present, bottled water or stored water should be used by pregnant women and be used for preparing infant formula.  If possible, infants and pregnant women should drink bottled water.  If bottled water is not available to drink, than it is better for them to drink boiled water than to drink water that is not boiled and may be contaminated.

No microbiological contamination has been found in the drinking water as a result of this incident.  Samples have been collected from throughout the affected area to confirm the microbiological quality.

For additional information, Contact the Dare County Water Department at 475-5990.

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