June 18,  2009
Peeking under the sea at the lighthouse jetty


Islanders and visitors who wanted to snorkel didn’t have to go to the Gulf Stream last week to enjoy clear, aqua waters and to see the fish and other ocean wildlife under the surface – and the various other sights on the ocean floor.

For almost a solid week, there were incredibly clear conditions just off the beaches of Hatteras and Ocracoke.

The summer months are a time of hibernation for the Atlantic Ocean.  From June through September, the ocean lies pretty dormant – except when tropical storms and hurricanes approach.

Even so, winds can keep the ocean stirred up in the tidal zone and reduce visibility.

However, last week’s light east to southeast winds with no swell for several days made the ocean look as if Hatteras was in the middle of the Caribbean Sea – even just off the beach.

Visibility was especially good at high tide. If the tide is too low, you will have waves breaking right where you want to dive.

These photos were taken at the first jetty at the old site of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. 

I had only one opportunity to swim out and document the clarity of the water.

Hope ya'll enjoy this neat underwater perspective of the first jetty, located right where the lighthouse should still be.

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