October 27, 2010

More than a half million Carolinians have already voted


With only four more days to go in one-stop absentee voting, 541,693 North Carolinians had voted by yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 26.

The information was provided by the North Carolina Board of Elections and is posted on the Civitas Institute’s Vote Tracker website.

Here is some more information about early and absentee voters, as of Oct. 26:


Democrats –243,291
Republicans – 205,307
Unaffiliated – 92,582
Total – 541,693


Democrats – 977
Republicans – 796
Unaffiliated – 595
Total – 2,372


Democrats – 62
Republicans – 21
Unaffiliated – 23
Total – 196

In Dare County, Manteo had the most early voters with 662, and Salvo and Waves had the least with 8 each.

In Hyde County, Swan Quarter has the highest number of early voters with 45, and Ocracoke had the lowest at 7.

The Vote Tracker website also breaks down early voters by gender and race, and you can check on early voting by county, city, precinct, Congressional district, State Senate district or State House district.

You might also be interested to know that as of today, Oct. 27, there were 6,184,943 registered voters in North Carolina.

They include:
Democrats – 2,761,502
Republicans – 1,953,901
Libertarian – 9,143
Unaffiliated – 1,460,397

For more information, you can check the Civitas Vote Tracker poll at http://www.carolinatransparency.com/absentee/

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