November 3, 2010

Hyde and Ocracoke go for Burr and Jones nationally
and Basnight and Spear in state races


Turnout was strong in Hyde County for the 2010 General Election, as it was statewide and in Dare County.

Forty-seven percent of Hyde’s 3,633 registered voters went to the polls.  Statewide, the number was 42 percent of registered voters, and in Dare County, it was 45 percent.

Democrats fared better in Hyde -- and especially on Ocracoke -- than did Republicans overall, and even Republican victors won in Hyde by smaller margins.

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr won the county by a smaller margin than he did statewide or in Dare County.

Burr, the Republican incumbent, beat his Democratic opponent, Elaine Marshall, with 55 percent of the statewide vote to her 42 percent.  In Hyde, Burr took only 51 percent with Marshall coming in at 46 percent.  The Hyde numbers are similar to the Burr-Marshall race in Dare County.

In the Ocracoke precinct, in one-stop and election-day voting, Marshall won 201 votes to Burr’s 178.

Incumbent U.S. Rep. Walter Jones won by a landslide against his Democratic opponent, Johnny Rouse. Statewide, Jones took 72 percent of the vote to Rouse’s 25.6 percent.

In Hyde, Jones took 69.63 percent to Rouse’s 27.74 percent.

On Ocracoke, Jones beat Rouse in a closer vote of 178 to 162.

Manteo Democrat Marc Basnight, the incumbent, won his seat in State Senate District 1 statewide and in Dare County with 55 percent of the vote to Republican Hood Richardson’s 45 percent.

In Hyde County, Basnight won with 69.62 percent of the vote to Richardson’s 30.38.

On Ocracoke, it was a landslide for Basnight, who won in one-stop and election-day voting with 286 votes to Richardson’s 80.

Statewide, incumbent Democrat Tim Speer won his race for State House of Representatives District 2 with 55 percent of the vote to Republican Bob Steinburg’s 45 percent.

Even with his strong districtwide showing, Speer lost to Steinburg in Dare County.  Steinburg took 53.48 percent of the vote in Dare, while Speer had to settle for 46.5 percent.

Speer fared much better in Hyde County, taking 65 percent of the vote to his opponent’s 30 percent.

On Ocracoke, the tally was 259 votes for Spear and 89 for Steinburg.

Ocracoke’s Hyde County Commissioner, Darlene Styron, a Democrat who was appointed to fill out Eugene Ballance’s term when he resigned, ran unopposed.

In the only competitive race for the Hyde County Board of Commissioners, Kenneth Collier, with 61.5 percent of the vote, beat Barry Swindell, who won 38.48 percent. Both candidates are unaffiliated.

Ocracoke, however, went to Swindell over Collier with a vote of 106-37.

In another important election for Ocracoke, which continues to be divided on trash pickup on the island, the island’s Sanitary District seat went to George Roberson in a write-in selection.


(For election-day and one-stop voting)

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