January 2010 Letters to the Editor

New Letters to the Editor....01.29.2010 7:10 am

Serendipity has moved

Truly wonderful that someone stepped up and saved this house. I hope it stays rented for them.

Dennis Fontalbert
Marmet, W.Va., and Manteo

Who will be handling the rental of Serendipity and when will it be available for rent?

Tom Campbell
Denver, N.C.

(Editor’s Note:  Vacation Traditions in Rodanthe will be handling the rentals, which are scheduled to begin this spring. Information is available in Vacation Traditions ad on Real Estate and Business Page.)

I enjoyed the book and movie and went down to Rodanthe to find the house.  I'm thinking it wasn't the right house because the one we were told was the house was right on the road.  Anyway, I'm so glad it was bought and has been moved to a safe spot.  We co-own a beach house in Nags Head and love the area!

Sylvia Dameron
Callao, Va.

My husband and I visited our home in Frisco the weekend Serendipity moved.  We had been following everything about her through the Island Free Press for months and on Friday through the Web cam until it got too dark to see. When we arrived on the island Saturday afternoon, we were surprised to see Serendipity was still there and hoped the move would happen on Monday as that was our travel home day.  We were not disappointed.  We were not there for the actual move, but were fortunate to arrive in Rodanthe around the time Serendipity was being positioned into her final resting spot.  We were there when the call was made to shut her down after watching the driver carefully maneuver her into place. It was very exciting and very ironic that we had watched the movie “Nights in Rodanthe” on Saturday night.  We look forward to continuing stories of the renovations.  We love keeping up with all island news through The Island Free Press.

Sandy Smith
Williamsburg, Va.

Great video, excellent job all around.

Rockey Hale
Phillipsburg, N.J.

Wow!  Fantastic shots. Thank you.

Marilyn Harrison

Thank you so much for sharing this great event with me. It is just amazing how this house has managed to stay upright throughout its lifetime. I am so thankful someone loved it enough to save it. I believe there are much more laughter that will come to this wonderful beach house!

Theresa G. Langlois
Colonial Heights, Va.

The move of the Serendipity was a compelling and excellent video. Thanks to you from all of for all of us who didn't make it north to watch.

Bertie Dixon, III

As a local growing up in Hatteras Island, Serendipity was and is a part of me. I still miss the island, and to get my Hatteras fix, I'll go to the Web cam and Serendipity was always there for me. I am sad that I will not see her, but I look forward to seeing her on my next visit to the island. I would like to say thanks to all who has taken a part in saving Serendipity.

Kim Newcomb
Concord, N.C.

Awesome. I loved the music on the video. It was great for the move. I am so happy that it made it safe and sound. God Bless to all of you and yours.

Batavia, Ohio

How remarkable is this saving "Serendipity" and keeping the hope alive within our hearts of knowing this house is a part of us who love the Outer Banks? Thank you to the new owners and to the ones who built it. The name Serendipity means an aptitude for making a desirable discovery by accident, good fortune, luck -- all that needs to be said. Plus the coverage was fantastic!

Debbie J. Cooper
Washington, N.C.

Although our property is in Nags Head, your Island Free Press provides great information about the Outer Banks! The slide shows and videos are an extra plus! Thanks for a great "paper."

Ashton Violette
Midlothian, Va.

Wonderful story and pictures.  Love this house and have seen the movie several times.  Thanks!

Nancy Dickens
Scotland Neck, N.C.

Wow, what a job! You folks did it right and I applaud you for that feat and a job well done. I can not get over it all coming together and getting done. I can not say enough in praise to all the workers who made this happen! All the best.

Mike Fishe
Middletown, N.Y.

Excellent work, Rob! Thanks to The Island Free Press for posting the great footage. We are far away but appreciate the connection to the island we love. It's going to be like driving down the highway and seeing the Lighthouse in the wrong place.

Jim and Paula Brown
Baltimore, Md.

My wife and I own the home shown to the north of the new location for Serendipity. Our home is “Rodanthe Respite,” and we are happy to have our new famous neighbor. Thanks for doing a great job with IFP.

Tom and Mary Bartley

I went to the Outer Banks a couple of years ago and fell in love with the place. I’m going back sometime this year. I saw the movie “Nights in Rodanthe” and fell in love with it all over again. What a beautiful place. I absolutely love this house.

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Can't think of finer or more deserving folks to buy such a beautiful home.  I have known this couple (Ben and Debbie Huss) for many, many years and love them both dearly.  Way to go, guys. So happy you were able to get this done.

Lisa Ashe
Hendersonville, N.C.

Like millions of people, I was fascinated by this whimsical property when I saw the movie. I didn't know it was in such danger. How wonderful that some people stepped forward to purchase and move it to safety, so that people can continue to enjoy vacationing in the house for many years to come. I hope they will receive a good return on their investment! Thanks for the interesting video.

Lynda Hendrell
Tucson, Ariz.

Cape Hatteras is being considered as marine protected area

“Targeted outreach to key user groups."  Considering this quote out of the description of what the project will do, what are the chances that the people who live on Hatteras, drive the beaches, and fish the waters will not be one of the "key user groups" mentioned? I will bet that the MPAs will give huge consideration to the people haters that we have been fighting the last several years and think of them as the only key user groups. Watch and see.

Bert Smith
Richmond, Va.

Marine Fisheries moves toward gill net ban in large areas of coastal waters

Is the scientific data as unreliable as the data used by the global warming crowd? You also have the scientific data that has closed most of the beaches causing economic turmoil. This adds insult to injury and is just another way to close out the fishing industry and take food from the table of honest hard working commercial fishermen and their families.

J. Williams
Midland, Tex.
Hatteras Island Native
Proud Member of a Commercial Fishing family

Sounds like the beach issue to me. The DMF tries to find a solution, no matter how it sits with the commercial fisherman. Yet, it is not good enough for a few environmentalists, so, let’s sue. Sounds like the interim plan and beach driving.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where lawsuits and special interests dictate all policy. I personally enjoyed how Ms. Beasley wrote and called on all the groups involved in the NPS lawsuit. She must need a favor or two from the judge they have in their back pocket.

Like it has been seen so many times on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands, when it comes to the environmentalists and do-gooders, it’s their way or the courtroom.

Rob Alderman

Outer Banks Angling: Awinter blitz

Great video. Now I got the fever.

Mark Ziglar
East Bend, N.C.

Thanks for the video, "Puppy Blitz". What a treat to see this in the middle of winter. Wish I were there.

John Muse
Johnson City, Tenn.

Great video, Rob! You always show what makes Hatteras and the Outer Banks such a special place to us fishermen. I feel as long as we respect the fish and practice catch and release, that there will be many more years of great fishing on the Banks. Respect.

Kurt Maschmeier
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Hatteras seafood dealer aims to scale Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa

You go, brother (in law). We are excited about your adventure and can't wait to hear your story when you return. We are so proud of you!! Just remember that train -- I think I can, I think I can.

Jeanie and Ken Driskell
Chadwicks, N.Y.

Good Luck and be safe, Jeff.

David Hilton

(Editor’s note: Hatteras Island seafood dealer Jeff Aiken is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise awareness for Commercial Fishermen of America. Jeff starts his climb on Jan. 24 and should reach the summit on Jan. 29. Check his progress at

Inspector General’s report is critical of NOAA’s fisheries law enforcement

It is about time they get to the root of this problem. NOAA has internal problems for sure. It seems to me NOAA also has some anti-fishing folks within. Perhaps a survey of NOAA’s staff to see how many send funds to The Defenders of Wildlife?

Paul Rudar
Midland, Pa.

The last of the banker ponies on Hatteras star in the annual Christmas Parade

Thank you, Natalie, for this terrific article about the Banker ponies, Virginia Dare and Honey Bee. My thanks also to Sue Garrett for loving and caring for them so generously.

Lorraine Burrus

New Letters to the Editor....01.22.2010
:45 pm

What our readers are saying about Serendipity

It was so exciting watching the preparation and partial move of the Serendipity House on Friday, Jan.15.  The Web cam allowed me to be there when I could not physically be there on Monday, Jan. 18.  I also am so glad that Serendipity has been saved to provide more enjoyment in years to come for all who loved her.

Cathy Barefoot
Gloucester Point, Va.

We own a house on Bolddune Dr. and during the winter months, we enjoy news about Rodanthe and all of the Outer Banks. This was so well done and makes us wish winter was over and we were on our way to our home away from home.

Lynn & Judy Phair
Saint Marys, W.Va.

I sure did hate to see the house moved, but I am glad that it is still in Rodanthe.  There have been a lot of nasty remarks made about this house, but it was always a beautiful place to see when I arrived in the
village on weekends to visit my homeplace.  It will always have a special meaning to me and not just the fact that the movie was filmed there.

Maggie Smith
Chesapeake, Va.

Totally awesome video! And the choice of music couldn't have been any better -- one of my favorite songs! Thank you for sharing!

Hazel Zinn-Day
Woodville, Va.

Thanks for the video. It was awesome to watch since we couldn't be there to see the move. Thanks again.

Chesapeake, Va.

Glad Serendipity has a new home.

Waynesboro, Va.

That is so massively cool -- one of the many reasons we come to Hatteras and Ocracoke several times a year to chill. Nobody does it like the Outer Banks people do!

Dave Cash
Amherst, Va.

I am awestruck at this adventure.  What a wonderful video and slide show.  This is a triumph for all. It is sad, but what a great thing to happen to Serendipity.  Good luck to the new owners.

Beth Bailey

The house we grew to love lives again. Thank you for sharing
the pictures.

Janet Jacobs
Dunkirk, Md.

Thank you so much for the fabulous coverage, pictures, and videos.  My husband and I own an oceanfront home in Avon and absolutely love Hatteras Island.  Our entire extended family have, of course, visited our house, have seen Serendipity and have been following the entire move with avid interest.  Thank you so much for making it possible to view the move even though we are far, far away!   We are avid readers of your newspaper.  Kudos for taking it up after leaving the Island Breeze! You are so appreciated.

Rosemary Marianik
Lawrenceville, N.J.
And Seashella in Avon

How absolutely awesome!  Keep us informed.

Kathy Swank
Oskaloosa, Iowa

I am so glad the Serendipity house has been sold and will be moved instead of being torn down.  I come to the Outer Banks on vacation. There is something about that house that makes me feel so peaceful when I am there just looking  at the outside and the way the waters run underneath and it still standing. I hope to get to see it after it is moved to its new location. I will keep watching the internet and hope to watch as it is being moved. I wish the new buyer’s good luck in the move

Joyce Peek
Asheville, NC

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I've been watching this house for many years -- since before it became famous. It would have saddened me to see it fall into the ocean. Thank you so much for your excellent coverage! I got the chills and it moved me to tears. We are so happy Serendipity will thrive. It is amazing to watch what the house movers can do. Your coverage could not have been any better. Thank you for such a great job. It was like I was there.

Maryann Hooper
Wenonah, N.J.

Sure glad they are trying to save her. It used to be our little spot in the Island for several years.

Vernon Leeper
Ashland, Ky.

A big thanks to whoever is in charge of the S-Curve Web camera for turning it back on . I want to see the moving of Serendipidy. I think that we all should limit the time we view so as not to overload and prevent other people from seeing it.

John Muse
Johnson City, Tenn.

I am so glad to hear someone has bought that beautiful home. It, of course, means it doesn't have to be destroyed. I have only seen the home in person one time in my life, and I thought it stood there majestically on the water just beautifully. I wish I could be there to see it travel down that narrow road to its new home. I hope it has many people stay in it. I never got to see it inside, but if it looks as pretty on the inside as the outside, I don't see any problem renting it. Good luck to the new owners and thanks for saving it.

Spotsylvania, Va.

I have been watching on the Web cam at Teach's Lair today. This is just so awesome!  I'm so happy it's being moved and not destroyed.

Lisa White
Morganton, N.C.

Thank you for your coverage of this event for those of us who love Hatteras and cannot be there to see this.  I had the Web cam up all day at my job watching the progress of the move.  It's very exciting. Island Free Press is a blessing to us who love the Outer Banks, but are not lucky enough to live there. Thank you.

Bridget Johnson
Clemmon, N.C.

Thank you for keeping us updated! I love that house. It has been so sad seeing it just sit in the ocean. Thank you for doing a great job of keeping those of us who can't be in OBX updated!

Linda Bierniak
Gardine, N.Y.

I think it is great what they are doing. I wish I were there. Does anyone know what something like that costs? The Outer Banks is really a neat place.

Wayne Baum
Ocean View, Del.

Thank you Island Free Press for constantly bringing us up to the minute news on our "home away from home."  We count down the days until our next trip (up to six a year) to the Outer Banks!  You do an excellent job of keeping us informed.  Cheers to the Husses for saving Serendipity.  I loved her long before she became famous as the Inn at Rodanthe.  I was watching previews before a movie in a theater one evening when all of a sudden there she stood on the big screen.  I screamed “That’s Serendipity.” I wish her safe travels down Highway 12 to her resting place.  I hope her name stays the same.  Her meaning is: good fortune and luck and I would hate for it to change either.

Kim Holloway
Berlin, Md.

The Web cam was awesome to watch the move. Glad they saved it. They'll have no problem with bookings.

Akron, Ohio

I have been in love with the Serendipity since the first time that I saw her in the late ‘80s while driving down Highway 12 on our way to the Hatteras Lighthouse. She was beautiful. I sincerely hope that they redo her back to the way she was (not the movie version). As much as I loved seeing her standing at her old location, I'm glad that she'll be saved from the sea. I'm waiting for the move on Monday and possibly a fall rental.

Marilyn Herbert
New Madison, Ohio

How can I go about renting the home?

Virginia Beach, Va.

(Editor’s note:  Vacation Traditions in Rodanthe will be managing rentals for Serendipity. You can find information on the ad on the Real Estate and Business Page.)

This is a great article and the pictures are terrific.  We own a house in Salvo and are always interested in events taking place on the Outer Banks.  We are grateful for your efforts!

David Jones
Ramsey, N.J.


Rita Ward
Missoula, Mont.

Thanks for your spectacular coverage of this monumental and historic event. We have been loyal visitors annually since 1972 and love the island like a second home, just as many annual visitors do. We are thrilled that the prospective outcome will be the proverbial "happy ending" to a long and stressful drama for many parties involved. Kudos to the creativity and perseverance of all the players! Thank you, IFP, for giving us a long-distance view via Web site and for your very complete and professional coverage of this epic tale!

Sabra Kovalscik
Grassy Meadows, W. Va.

Move that House! We know you can.  It’s just another day in the dream and life you have work for.  We continue to follow and support you.  Get her done, brother!  You and Deb need the dream and enjoyment you both deserve.  Only wish Kathleen was here to witness!

William  Smith
Newton, N.C.

Thank you so much, Island Free Press, for keeping up with this story and for sharing pics and videos! Excellent reporting!

Frances Price
Summersville, W.Va.

This is for Mr. and Mrs. Huss (the new owners): Thank you for saving Serendipity. We sure didn't want to see such a beautiful house be torn down and forgotten.


My husband and I have known Ben and Debbie Huss for years. And, yes, you can not tell Ben that something cannot be done because he is going to do it. Way to go, Ben and Debbie! We love you.

Tammy & Mark Propst
Granite Falls, N.C.

Great coverage and hope and pray all moves well.  Serendipity is an icon to the island and we will miss seeing it standing there as the FIRST house on Mirlo.

Debra Feese
Annandale, Va.

Between your site and the Web cam, this is almost as good as being there to see it happen.  I'm sorry to see it moved but understand the necessity for both the community and the lovely house itself.

Diane Barber
Colonial Heights, Va.

Thanks to all of you for a very good report, pictures and videos on the move.

Chuck Prosse
Magnolia, Ky.

Great video, Rob! Thanks to Dare County and the Island Free Press for the coverage of the move.

Jim and Paula Brown
Baltimore, Md.

Wow!   Very cool video.  Can't wait to see Serendipity in its new location.

Robin Ore
Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

I just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome coverage on the moving of Serendipity.  You deserve an award for this one! You have provided more coverage of Hatteras Island and Ocracoke news to us than we have ever had before.  You have truly earned the title as "EDITOR."

Janice Spake

Thank you for making my dream come true.  I will see her in May.

Brenda Givens
Mount Hope, W. Va.

Great coverage of the move. Enjoyed the pictures, as well as the story on the Local Page. We also own property on the Outer Banks,  and we look to see the status of Serendipity when we come down. Glad it was saved. Thanks again for the coverage.

Robert A. Reed
Westfield Center, Ohio

Are you going to put this on DVD where we can buy it?  I would love to have a copy of it, if you do.

Ollie Black
Greenville, N.C.

Great song choice! It's kind of sad really. But a happy ending like this is better than
Serendipity falling decrepitly into the surf. Better she should live in splendor then decay. I shall miss her greeting me when I come to Hatteras to escape the madness of the mainland.

Ellen Jahns
Richmond, Va.


Alden Sorey
Shawboro,  N.C.

I loved your slideshow.  Thank you so much for the great pictures.  I wasn't able to be there for the move, but your pictures made me feel as if I were right there watching.  Awesome!

Linda Korpics
Mechanicsville, Va.

This event is simply amazing!

H.K. Lee
Greenbelt, Md.

My favorite house in Rodanthe! So many memories walking past this house! Loved the movie!  So happy it is safe!

Nicole Thompson
Wilmington, Del.

For one who comes to HI every year for a week of relaxing fun in the sun, this was an amazing video to watch!  We will be looking for Serendipity in its new location when we come down in August this year.

Marcia Augsburger
Beaverdam, Va.

I and my wife love the OBX. We stopped by and took numerous photos of the house back at Thanksgiving. We were not sure what would happen to it. We were hoping someone would purchase it and move it before they had to tear it down. We have been coming to the OBX for about 20 years and it has always been there to see. I watched the video and looked at the slide show. Will there be anywhere a person can get a copy of the moving video? I would love to have one. Thanks again for the updates. Thanks for keeping all us mainlanders informed on the latest news.

David Hart
Walkertown, N.C.

Thanks for all the latest news and updates. You are one of the best Web sites around. Hope to here more about all the exciting news on  OBX forever!

Herman Hart
Walkertown, N.C.

So very happy that the Serendipity was saved from the ocean. We spent 10 wonderful summer vacations in Hatteras and this brought back so many wonderful memories! We were able to witness first-hand the lighthouse move, so this was great that the Internet allowed me to see this move!

Mary Bolderman
Brick, N.J.

Wonderful story and pictures. Love this house and have seen the movie several times. Thanks.

Nancy Dickens
Scotland Neck, N.C.

Marine Fisheries moves toward gill net ban

So now everyone with an agenda to end fishing in this state is coming together to bully through regulations that they couldn't get  individually. They are trying to do what they did for the beach closures.They also use the same so-called "best available science." The recent cold weather killed a lot of turtles, and they will blame that on commercials also. As usual, the government agencies will roll over when threatened with a lawsuit. They will spread their rhetoric and lies and if that doesn't work they threaten to sue. Whom do we sue?


Everyone should drop a short letter to the president of Duke University and ask why they would have their students working with any organization that would be trying to sue the state. His name is Mr. Brodhead. His email is [email protected].

Ernest Doshier

Oh, for heavens sake. The environmentalists are not going to be satisfied until everyone is living in a cave and eating rocks. I'm sure that Derb or Jason will have some impassioned plea about this from SLC and DOW. Just another way they want to kill the island economy and force people away.

Derek Scott
West Chester, Pa.

Sounds like the beach issue to me. The DMF tries to find a solution, no matter how it sits with the commercial fishermen. Yet, it is not good enough for a few environmentalists, so let’s sue. Sounds like the interim plan and beach driving.
Unfortunately, we live in a country where lawsuits and special interest dictate all policy. I personally enjoyed how Ms. Beasly wrote and called on all the groups involved in the NPS lawsuit--she must need a favor or two from the judge they have in their back pocket.
Like it has been seen so many time on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands, when it comes to the environmentalists and do-gooders, it’s their way  or the courtroom.

Rob Alderman

Cape Hatteras is being considered as marine protected area

Sounds like another control agency that the fishermen will have fighting for access on the beaches. The feds have too much power over the states now.

Barry White-Whitey
Tuckerton, N.J.

Why does it sound like we will be on the losing end of this?

Tom Bibbey

Don't trust them. I can see them banning fishing in the future.

Mark Sowers
Midlothian, Va.

When the seashore was established, the people who donated land and agreed were told that nothing will change.  Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on you.

Ginny Luizer

Federal dollars are in short supply. The Outer Banks doesn't need more restrictions being put on them!

Scott Schermerhorn

Absolutely no! Look at any MPA that has been implemented in the United States and the first thing done is to zone limited access for fishing, both commercial and
recreational, limit boating, both commercial and recreational, and limit human travel in the area to promote biodiversity.  This is exactly the nightmare Cape Hatteras National Recreational Seashore is going through right now. All the government is doing is using this designation to cement what the consent decree has done into a law. FIGHT IT!


New Letters to the Editor....01.12.2010
:00 pm

Serendipity to be moved out of harm’s way
I am disappointed that the Web camera located at the S-curves is going to be down for two weeks. I would love to watch the move from my home in East Tennessee. This is one of the best things to happen on the Outer Banks in a long time. Thank you Ben and Debbie Huss for taking the gamble.

John Muse
Johnson City, Tenn.

What a dream come true. This could not be better. Bless the people who had the money to save the house. I hope to save enough money to stay there.

Brenda Givens
Mount Hope, W.Va.

Our family vacation was spent at Rodanthe in September just to get a glimpse of this breath-taking house. My daughter had me watch "Nights in Rodanthe.” I went the next day and purchased the movie and watched it over and over. I got chills when all my family and friends called me and said read the headlines in the Hickory Daily Record that someone from my area was buying the "Inn at Rodanthe." I am so excited because I rent a year in advance from Midgett Realty and my vacation house is near the Rodanthe Pier. The Husses are moving the "Inn" just north of the pier. I look forward to being this close to the house I fell in love with.

All my prayers and many blessings to Mr. and Mrs. Huss. See you on moving day.

Diane Price
Conover, N.C.

This is wonderful news! What's not wonderful news is Dare County is shutting down the Mirlo Beach Web Cam for two weeks!
Couldn’t they leave it on through the move of Serendipity for those of us who like to keep an eye on the house, then shut it down for repairs?

Counting on Island Free Press now to document the move, just as it did with the excellent coverage of the northeaster!

L. Zimorowicz
Clarksboro, N.J.

I love that old house. So glad someone is going to take care of it. Let me know when and if it's going to be for rent.

Linda Orebaugh
Fairfield, Va.


Our prayers are answered. God Bless everyone involved and Island Free Press too. Here in Pennsylvania, we cannot even shop the stores without giving a weekly update to the employees who have had this precious house in their daily thoughts and hearts. We truly thank you for keeping us updated. Even our friends "across the pond" value any information we can send them.

This will be the best news in 2010 and bring joy beyond compare. I think the new owners should make and sell a Christmas card. That would be fantastic! Count me in.

Joyce Luff
West Lawn, Pa.


Way to Go Ben and Deb! Life is too short not to seek the joys and pleasures life offers. A challenge, a reward, and a life of pleasure you both deserve. Congratulations and good luck!

William Smith
Newton, N.C.


My wife and I met this couple (Ben and Debbie Huss) while vacationing in Rodanthe in September. After talking with them, we came to realize that they truly love Serendipity and would take care if the house in the way it deserves. I was so very elated to find out they were successful in purchasing it. By the way, we love reading Island Free Press online each week. Even though we live in central Virginia, we feel like we belong at the Outer Banks!

Dave Cash
Amherst, Va.


My congratulations to Ben and Debbie Huss. I've seen Serendipity many times, and I'm so thankful to you that you have saved it and moved it to another life for others to enjoy. Congrats!

Mary Jane Sinker
London, Ontario, Canada


I am so excited that the beautiful Serendipity is going to be saved. It is great that it is going to have a makeover to make it look like the movie. I hope that I live long enough to see it all happen and maybe come and stay there. If nothing else, I can come and take pictures like I did last summer. Thank you Ben and Debra Huss for saving Serendipity!

Patty Davis
Raleigh, N.C.

I have been coming to Hatteras island since the ‘70s and after Serendipity was built, my family would always look forward to seeing it, as we knew that we were almost there. However, in the past couple years with the severe erosion in that area, we always worried that it would be gone. We wish the best of luck to the new and old owners.

Dr.Gerald Raab and Family
Ocean City, N.J.

Trawler aground in Oregon Inlet
We saw the trawler in the inlet this afternoon and we were wondering what was going on. I am so thankful for the Coast Guard who risk their lives to keep others safe! I am thankful no one was injured.

Donna Tokazowski

Saving Sea Turtles

Maria Logan rocks! We want her back in Port Townsend!

Candy Kerr
Port Townsend, Wash.

A tale of a very unusual cormorant

This is an interesting story. If the scientists would spend a little more time on the water with fishermen instead of the lab, they would figure out that the one million cormorants on the North Carolina coast have a tremendous impact on the gray trout, speckled trout, croaker, and any other small panfish. The gray trout population has gone down the tubes and commercial fishermen cannot be blamed anymore. They have not had a commercial catch in the last 10 years. What the cormorants don't eat, the spiny dogfish take care of.

Rom Whitaker

I really enjoyed this article! Thanks to Pat Garber and Island Free Press for sharing!

Frances Price
Summersville, W.Va.

Coastal Harvesters aim for farmers’ market next year

My wife and I have been coming to Hatteras for approximately 35 years,. and it will be great to have a farmers’ market to go to!

Dick Dehoff
Hanover, Pa.

Christmas on Hatteras and Ocracoke islands

Thanks to all the folks who took the time to decorate, as well as those who took these great pictures. We sure do miss the beach this time of year, and it was nice to "visit" in pictures. May you all have a blessed New Year!

Mary Poole
Keswick, Va.

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