February 18, 2011

Sheriff’s office checks registered sex offenders, arrests one in Buxton

On Tuesday, Feb. 15, deputies and investigators with the Dare County Sheriff’s Office conducted Operation RAVEN, which is an acronym for Random Address Verification Enforcement.  This operation was intended to verify the addresses, appearance changes, and statutory compliance of the registered sex offenders in Dare County. 

This operation, headed by Sheriff’s Office CID Sergeant Scott Rodriguez, involved 14 deputies divided into teams, who in turn, were sent to the residences of all of the registered sex offenders on file at the Sheriff’s Office. 

Addresses and other statutorily required information were checked, and violations noted. 

There was one arrest made and several other offenses that were discovered are currently under investigation.

Arrested was Howard Levi Gavin, 43, of Dippin Vat Road in Buxton. He was charged with communicating on a social networking site by a registered sex offender and released on $5,000 bond.

“The registration and monitoring of convicted sex offenders is an important part of what the Dare County Sheriff’s Office does,” said Sheriff Doug Doughtie. “Other than registration, there are many other activities that the law prohibits or activities that are monitored by law enforcement.  It is necessary that our office be proactive in the duties proscribed to us by law, so that the public can enjoy a high level of safety from possible re-offense by a registrant.”

According to the North Carolina Department of Justice website, there are 45 registered sex offenders in Dare County – four of them on Hatteras Island.

For more information or to search the sex offender registry, go to http://sexoffender.ncdoj.gov/results.aspx

Citizens or visitors who have a problem and want to offer information, can call the Sheriff’s Office at 252-475-5980.

For more information on the sex offender registration statute, go to:

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