March 14, 2011

Islanders get their heads shaved to raise money for cancer research


When Ginger Wojciechowski went to work at Frank and Fran’s tackle shop in Avon on Saturday morning, March 12, she had no idea that, by the end of the day, she would have a shaved head and, more importantly, bring in one of the biggest donations to this year’s St. Baldrick’s Day event in Avon to raise money for childhood cancer research.
Early Saturday morning her boss, Frank Folb, went on-air to inform Outer Banks radio listeners that he would be shaving his head and beard for the fundraiser and any donations to support the foundation would be greatly appreciated.  When Wojciechowski heard him saying this, she made an on-air pledge to shave her head as well if $500 was raised by the time of the event.  

“The $500 was raised within FIVE minutes, and the donations have kept coming in since. By 3 p.m., we were up to $1,500,” said Wojciechowski.  

Before her head was shaved, at least 10 inches of hair was cut and saved for Locks of Love, another charity dedicated to helping children with cancer by making wigs out of donated hair.
More than 60 other islanders joined Wojciechowski to have their heads shaved for childhood cancer research.  They were male and female and young and old.  When they arrived they had trim cuts or shaggy hair or long braids – from which they were soon parted.

The Kinnakeet Civic Association and Avon Surf Shop hosted Hatteras Island’s fifth annual St. Baldrick’s event last Saturday, March 12, at the Avon Fire House.  

St. Baldrick’s is a fundraising event that began on March 17, 2000, when three people decided to transform their St. Patrick’s Day party into a head-shaving event to benefit children with cancer.  When their goal of $17,000 was not only met but skyrocketed to more than $100,000, they knew they had to spread the St. Baldrick’s spirit.  

Nearly 11 years later, supporters all around the world have raised more than $90 million for life-saving childhood cancer research by shaving their heads.

On Hatteras Island, the spirit of St. Baldrick’s Day is spreading and proves to be a little stronger each year as more islanders volunteer to be “shavees” and more folks pledge money to see them with shaved heads.  

While the official figures may take a few weeks to tally, Hatteras Island supporters raised $5,687 just through Internet donations and another $3,700 at the door on Saturday.

 Jen Harmon of Avon Surf Shop expects total donations to be about $10,000 this year, more than tripling the goal and substantially exceeding last year’s total.  

Another big contributor at the event was Cindy Seigel who, with the help of co-workers at Midgett Realty, was able to raise $1,500 for the charity.  Seigel said she would see how much hair grew back before volunteering to be a “shavee” again next year.

While two of the biggest donors of the day were women, there were plenty of men and children also doing their part to contribute to the charity.  

Eight year-old Al Hodges III of Hatteras village was able to raise $600 in less than a month with the help of family and friends before he had his head shaved yesterday.

For more information on how to donate to St. Baldrick’s anytime of year or to take part in next year’s event, please visit  


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