Hurricane Irene Aftermath
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On the ground at New New Inlet


Some are calling the breaches on Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge New New Inlet since they are located very close to the site of a former inlet named New Inlet, which opened and then closed after a storm some decades ago.

There is one major inlet in the area, plus several smaller breaches, that are within sight of the old ranger station and just south of the new refuge Visitor Center.

Don Bowers, the first media photographer to get access to the area, took these photos yesterday – Thursday, Sept. 1.

During his time at the inlet area, Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative crews were working on the repairing the 115kV transmission lines to get power flowing to Hatteras and Ocracoke islands from the north.

CHEC crews are using a barge provided by Cape Dredging of Buxton to have access to the new inlet and carry the heavy equipment needed for the repair. 

Yesterday afternoon, the crews secured two new poles to carry the transmission lines across the breach.  Two additional poles are needed to complete the temporary restoration.

CHEC manager Susan Flythe says that if all goes well, the temporary transmission line could be completed by the end of the weekend.


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