Hurricane Irene Aftermath
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BRIDGING THE GAPS: DOT update on Highway 12 repairs

While Highway 12 south Oregon Inlet remains closed because of damage caused by Hurricane Irene last month, the North Carolina Department of Transportation continues to make progress fixing the breaches and areas of overwash in order to improve and reopen the highway.
At the Rodanthe breach area, crews continued constructing the sand embankments at the S-curves for the roadway to have the correct shape and slopes. Sandbag installation continues south of the Pea Island breach, called by many locals the New New Inlet. 
At the temporary bridge location on Pea Island, weather permitting, crews will pour concrete into the formwork for the footings at bent 3. Crews finished setting up the pile driving template at bent 2 and began installing piles. Bents are substructures supporting each end of the bridge span.

Because of the limited amount of work space on the south side of the breach, crews need to coordinate crane and equipment movements with the tide changes. During high tide, crews have less access in their work space.

Once the piles are installed for bent 2, the contractor will be able to work from platforms and be less impacted by tidal changes.

Temporary Bridge facts:

•             Piling: 41 piles driven out of 82 total piles.
•             Sheet Piling Bulkhead: 558 linear feet out of 726 total linear feet.
•             Concrete Footings:  4 footings poured out of 12 total footings.
•             Bridge Truss Spans: 233 linear feet out of 662 total linear feet.
NCDOT estimates that the roadway could be fully reopened sometime in early October, depending on weather conditions between now and then.



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