November 11, 2011

Refuge manger reminds the public about
closed areas around Pea Island Inlet

Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge Manager Mike Bryant reminds people that the area around the Pea Island Headquarters/Maintenance/Storage/Intern House at the new Pea island Inlet is closed to the public.

"This site has been closed to the public for years -- since NCDOT relocated the highway to the west of our buildings and built the public parking lot a quarter mile south," said Bryant.  "But, due to the rapid erosion at this site, it's extremely dangerous at this point. We need people to stay completely out of the area, both for their own safety and to make sure they don't get in the way of workers in the area."  

Because of the rapid erosion and instability of the site, the beach adjacent to the headquarters site has also been closed.

Historically, the areas west of  Highway 12,  north of New Inlet, and south of North Pond have been closed to the public.  So, in fact, both the east and west sides of the highway are closed to all entry at this location.  

In this section of the refuge, leaving the Highway 12 right-of-way is a violation of federal law.

"We know that people are curious and want to see what it looks like," explained Bryant, "but, we cannot allow access.  It's simply too dangerous.  And, in some places, no matter how often we post signs, the next high tide washes them away."

For more information about refuge regulations, visit or contact the refuge office at 252-473-1131.

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