November 23, 2011

Outer Banks Angling: A mixed bag


The weather has not been all that fantastic since my last report. Most of the time, the wind has been hard and the current has been strong.

However, when conditions have allowed, the fishing has been fair. And lately, weather conditions have improved a little.

A wide variety of fish have been caught from Coquina Beach to Ocracoke Island from pier and surf.

Some ocean stripers have made an appearance around Oregon Inlet, with one reportedly in the 35-pound class. Anglers are not hitting them every cast, but a few have been caught, and I know this makes a lot of people happy, as they have been hard to come by for surf fishermen for some years now.

Reports of speckled trout have been trickling in from Pea Island to Hatteras Inlet. They have been mainly throwbacks, but some nice keepers have also been put on the table.

I would try searching for the specks in the early a.m. or late evening. You can use a variety of grubs, lead heads, or teasers. You can tie them up as single rigs or double rigs.

Along with the speckled trout, there has been a mixture of sea mullet, blow toads, bluefish, and some flounder along the Hatteras surf and from the piers.

Blow toad fishing sounds as if it has been fair in the hook and Frisco area. If you have eaten these sea creatures, then you know they are worth targeting and will be great on your dinner table.

There have been some scattered puppy drum around Cape Point and the occasional larger red drum.

Ocracoke has had a good puppy drum bite when the weather has permitted, with some small bottom fish also caught.

The weather has not only affected the surf and pier fishermen, but the local fleets and recreational boaters.

Yet, in recent days the fishing has been excellent

Hatteras boats have had some yellowfin and blackfin tuna, along with a good wahoo bite.

A friend went out on the Miss Hatteras out of Oden’s Dock over the weekend and did very well targeting and catching king mackerel.

The Miss Hatteras is a head boat and offers these king trips regularly in November, and I highly recommend them. They can be fun for catching kings on live baits and jigs.

Inshore near Hatteras, there has been a scattered batch of drum, but not a great deal to report.

Boats out of Oregon Inlet have done well with yellowfin tuna and some blackfin tuna. A few billfish have been released.

Scattered stripers are being taken in the area by the inshore boats, along with some wreck fish, speckled trout, and flounder.

I know some believe the Outer Banks is all fun in the sun, but the Wright Brothers chose this place to test flight for a reason -- the wind.

And, at this time of year, there is no lack of wind.

The wind and weather look mighty favorable for the next several days. Warmer temps and lighter winds should lead to some good chances to fish.

 We are in that time of year when the surf and pier fishing begins to wind down and over all it becomes spotty. However, I believe there will be some fair speckled trout bites this year, based on what has been caught along other areas of the Outer Banks.

I also believe one could catch a striper from Coquina throughout northern Pea Island. Though, I am not sure if it’ll be hard and heavy.

But you can’t catch a fish without a line in the water.

Come on down and stop by one of the local tackle shops to see what’s biting.

Go Fishing.

(Rob Alderman is the owner of the Hatteras Island Fishing Militia website and is a kayak fishing guide. Rob has 10 years of fishing experience on the Outer Banks, and is host of the “Outer Banks Angler” television show. You can follow more of his extreme adventures or contact him at

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