February 2011 Letters to the Editor

New Letters to the Editor....02.15.2011  9:10 am
July 4 fireworks on Ocracoke
We appreciate the concerns of those who would like to see fireworks, the "illuminations" mentioned in July, 1776 by John Adams, return to Ocracoke's Independence Day celebration.

A committee of our Civic and Business Association is currently studying the issues of the more strict permitting process, available licensed providers, costs, and the sense of the community. We hope soon to be able to announce the resumption of this traditional symbol of our nation's independence.

Fred Westervelt  

Beach Access and Bonner Bridge issues

The SELC and others with their particular vision of Hatteras have a radical picture, I think, of the future of the OBX. That is, simply, no more humans -- or very, very few. The Bonner Bridge poses an opportunity for the Southern Environmental Law Center to delay its replacement until it is unsafe for use, starting the process. Next comes heavy-handed federal regulation that imposes a marine sanctuary and curtails commercial and recreational fishing.  Beaches will become wilderness areas under the gradual process of ORV rulemaking and the sanctuary establishment. The resulting economic disaster will force hard working folks off the island, so either government can buy up private property or only elites can access the island.

Yes, this may be a stretch, but no more than having an activist federal judge impose his will or outsiders imposing their own vision of what the seashore should be. God help us.

Joe Long
Charleston, W.Va.

Park Service issues its 2010 annual reports
The article says, "Twelve breeding pairs were identified, the most since 1996 when 14 were observed." Am I missing something, like common sense, or wasn't there unrestricted beach access in and prior to 1996? How did these birds manage before the Park Service began to manage beach access?

Cameron Gray
Burkeville, Va.

Big Cypress National Preserve takes flak for its ORV plan

Thank you, Sens. Hagan and Burr, and Rep. Jones..This has been going on for too long.  I am a frequent visitor of the OBX and hope to one day become a resident. ORV and beach access are a way of life on the OBX. I would think it is the single main attraction. These special interest groups need to be stopped and run out off the area. Let’s not stop until our demands are met!

Frank Liekefet
Suffolk, Va.

Rare snow storm brings 6 inches or more to Hatteras and Ocracoke

On Jan. 23, 2003, it snowed 15 inches in Salvo. My significant other, Lynne, was very cold and knitted a scarf. The scarf has kept her warm in the years since. Fast forward to Dec. 28, 2010. Elizabethan Gardens hosted its first annual Christmas light show. We enjoyed it so very much.  Lynne got into the truck, not knowing she dropped the scarf.

We got back to Salvo to find, no scarf. So, we called Elizabethan Gardens for three days to see if anyone had returned the scarf. No such luck. Lynne was extremely heartbroken. In the days since losing the scarf, she has talked about having to knit a new one and hoping that whoever has it was enjoying it.

On Saturday, Jan. 22, we ventured off to Elizabethan Gardens for a yard sale. We heard on the radio that 1 to 2 inches of snow was forecast on Hatteras Island. I did not think anything of it. We continued on our adventure, stopping in a number of shops, going to lunch and then, to Dare Challenge Thrift Shop.

Hanging up in the scarf section was Lynne's lost scarf. The guys were great after hearing the story, and they gave Lynne back her scarf, free of charge. Lynne was smiling from the luck of it. As we were heading back to Salvo at 5:15 p.m., there was a dusting of snow in southern Nags Head, but as we get closer to Whalebone Junction, the road was covered. After we crossed Bonner Bridge at Oregon Inlet, the snow turned into blizzard conditions. We could travel only 20 mph, with blowing wind and snow flying in all directions. After almost two hours, we arrived safely in Salvo with 11 inches of snow on the ground and the scarf.

Thank you to whoever picked up the scarf and gave it to Dare Challenge.  Thank you to the gentlemen at Dare Challenge.

Scott Edmondson
Strasburg, Va., and Salvo

Thank you for the great photos of OBX snow!

The pictures of the snow were incredible. We have a lot of the white stuff here, but seeing our favorite place on earth covered in a blanket of the white stuff and not messed up with salt and cinders was beautiful!

Jim Weisenberger
Clarksburg, W.Va.

Thank you for the pictures of OBX snow.

Isn't it ironic that the Bodie Island Lighthouse cannot finish restoration, yet millions of dollars were spent to deny access to the National Parks recreation area?

Jo Lyons
State College, Pa.

We enjoyed the photos of the snow on beautiful Hatteras and Ocracoke islands!  We know the islanders had a bit of fun making all those snowmen.  Hopefully, it has all melted by now.

Toni Boldt
Midlothian, Va.

You're looking more and more like Almost Heaven West Virginia every day!

Brandi Meighan
Fairmont, W. Va.

Does Don Bowers sell any of his pictures? I would like to purchase some of the lighthouse.

Darline Herndon
Richmond, Va.

(Editor’s note:  Don Bowers photo are for sale at Indian Town Gallery in Frisco or you can e-mail him at [email protected])

Beautiful pictures.  I wish I could have seen it in person.  You islanders can come visit New Jersey. We have plenty to share and are quite tired of it.

Tracey Horan
Milltown, N.J.

Beautiful pictures of two of my favorite things, Cape Hatteras and snow!  I would love to visit sometime when I could experience both.  Thanks for sharing. See you in May. (Try to keep the snow for me.)

Gail Dillon
Canal Winchester, Ohio

UPDATE: DOT makes quick work of clearing snow and ice

I was really impressed with the quick response to the snow removal. Golly, Sunday really was beautiful though.

Carol Cornelius

Here come catch shares: How NOAA and the Environmental Defense Fund  plan to destroy North Carolinas working watermen

Join in with us as we join with you in fighting this monster brought on with the EDF, PEW, TIDES, and Pink Code -- with NOAA at the reins. The Online Fisherman, the RFA, and I have declared war. Catch shares have now bled into the recreational angling side to include charter captains, waterman, and the everyday John Doe in taking his kids fishing. I am working on a plan to have us form an Anglers Union. At over 50 million strong plus, that could be enough to quash most opposition and sway a few congressmen or senators who may hold a vote.
 With that many votes, we could put our own in the White House.  

G.A. Anderson
North Port, Fla.

I am a part-time crabber in Maryland, and I have been for 30 years. Our crab stocks have came back in 2010, and we do not need more laws. Too much government and money control this country. That’s a shame. They use to say “free” America. There is nothing free in this country. I love my country but fear my government. No catch shares.

Bill Cosgrove
Pasadena, Md.

Raid turn up 300 pot plants in Waves and Southern Shores

Way to go, Sheriff.

Pete East
Kill Devil Hills

Nice to see some bad apples going down. They should put them away and throw away the key. These people give the OBX a bad name.

John Dumbleton
Franklin, Pa.

Remembering Mr. Bob, an Ocracoke pony

As a native North Carolinian, I had my first of hundreds of trips to the Outer Banks in 1976. On one trip in particular, I was standing at he parking area near the Pony Pens. As I was looking at some of the ponies, a park ranger came up and entered the area to feed the ponies. As we chatted, he asked if I would like to help him with the feeding and see them up close, as I was the only person there at the time. Of course, I said, “yes.”

Although I did not know his name at that time, one of the ponies I helped feed was Mr. Bob. I found that out later on another trip and recognized him from the picture with the story. I remember he was friendly and allowed me to pet him that day and actually acted as if he did not want me to stop! What a beautiful Ocracoke pony he was! Needless to say, thanks to that ranger. That was the highlight of my trip, and one that I have never forgotten. Mr. Bob was a wonderful specimen of the special breed that we have on Ocracoke Island.

Greg Davis
Spartanburg, S.C.

The old Hatteras in photographs

Thanks for the great pictures, Kurt. They bring back so many wonderful memories from my first experiences on the island in 1962-63. We traveled from Cincinnati to Hatteras (two days, five people) in a 1960 Willy's Jeep station wagon, and carried all of our camping gear with us. Camping was the only way we could afford to travel at the time, but I think that make the memories of the island in that time period very special. Most of our black-and-white photos have been lost for one reason or another, so please protect what you have! Thanks again!

Steven Fowee
Deale, Md.

Serendipity arrives at its new home in Rodanthe

I am so happy the house was saved! My daughter and I coming that way this summer and cannot wait to see the house!

Veronica Hanshew
Lowell, Ark

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