January 2011 Letters to the Editor

New Letters to the Editor....01.27.2012 1:00 pm

The land of summer sun and fun becomes a winter wonderland

Anne, what a wonderfully descriptive article of the delight and beauty of snow!

Mary Rosenbaum
Woodbine, Md.

Great news on the snow storm! What a beautiful sight! My husband and I and two more couples were there in November and experienced the nor'easter. We are going back in March (We love it.) and maybe it might snow for us!

Pat Merriman
Clemmons, N.C.

Wonderful pictures!  Thanks for sharing.

Connie Bethel
Sandston, Va.

Thank you very much for sharing the snow pictures. I am so glad the island did not lose electricity! I look forward to the online news. Thank you

Darline Herndon
Henrico, Va.

Beautiful photos!  Will any be for sale? Love the lighthouse shots.

Sandra Brock
Kill Devil Hills

(Editor’s note: Photos are for sale through Indian Town Gallery in Frisco. You can call the gallery at 252-995-5181 or send e-mail to [email protected]. The website is

Great article. Love reading about how folks there got creative removing the snow! Reading about kids playing in the snow for the first time is really something being from Wisconsin!  

Tom Taubenheim
Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Rare snow storm brings 6 inches or more to Hatteras and Ocracoke

Found your pictures beautiful. My family and I come  to Rodanthe every year and it was really cool to see all that snow at the beach. Wish we were there to experience it.

Noelle Neufeld
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thanks so much for the wonderful slide show. We read every week and look forward to keeping up with our favorite place on Earth!

Dave Cash
Amherst, Va.

Wish I could have been there!

Clyde Karnes
Bedford, Va.


Joe Ward
Louisville, Ky.

Thanks for the great article and the story-telling pictures.

Norma Robinson
Silver Spring, Md.

Reading about Hatteras Island makes me feel like I am still part of Buxton and surrounding villages. I miss being there so much, but it is too cold right now. Thank you for all the information.

Brenda Karnes
Bedford, Va.


These shots are beautiful. We see a lot of snow here in West Virginia, but since you don't see snow all that often at the beach, it makes it look special. We were there during December and had a light dusting right after Christmas. Nothing to compare to this event. Thanks to all the folks for sharing their pictures.

Polly Moffatt
Charleston, W.Va.

I loved seeing the snow storm pictures. The snowmen are great. I love OBX and would loved to have been there to enjoy the snowy OBX. Thanks for sharing.

Martinsville, Va.


I found your pictures beautiful. My family and I come to Rodanthe every year, and it was really cool to see all that snow at the beach. Wish we were there to experience it.

Noelle Neufeld
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Wow! The Outer Banks has more snow on the ground than we do in Canada. What weird weather this year.

Ted Rivington

Great slide show! We visit Avon twice a year. However it is a bit warmer then. In Pennsylvania we have plenty of the white stuff, so it was great to see another side of the OBX we love.

Cindy Kurz
Alburtis, Pa.

Ocracoke bids farewell to The Big Kids Club and honors its founder

Sundae, thank you for such a well written article honoring Juju. I hope the community will seriously consider bringing back this very successful program for their children. Children do not need more school after school. They need a warm, safe, inviting atmosphere where they can be kids. The Big Kids Club met this need so well. Juju will always find a place where she can work with children. That is what she loves. I hope that place can continue to be on Ocracoke.

Debbie Burrus

Hatteras village takes first step to re-open vacant medical center

I helped collect money for the clinic in the ‘60s and will be glad to help again.

Patricia Peele

My question is why of the five seats would TWO be occupied by "Hatteras Fire Protection Association" people and not community members from all over the island?  Some of us who live "elsewhere" have a interest in what happens to this facility. Some of us don't happen to like HealthEast and would be instant patients of Hatteras Medical Center should it reopen under the hands of another provider.

Hatteras Village may have twice been cut off from the rest of us, but I might remind the village elders that this is HATTERAS ISLAND as a whole not just one village.

Richard Marlin

Planners are taking note of sea level rise on North Carolina coast

Regarding the sea level rise article.

Yes it's a problem but not all from what the article implies.

It focuses on basically water volume increase and thus implies and hints at climate warming as the culprit.

There is data supported by satellite laser measurements that indicate about half the "rise" in the Mid-Atlantic region is due to the land sinking from shifts in the earth's surface.

So only part of the story is told in this "Chicken Little" article.

Ted A Hamilton (aka Salvo Jimmy)
Salvo and Hampton, Va.

UPDATE. The fate of Ocracoke’s Island Inn is still unknown

Just curious - roughly what will the building sell for and roughly is there an estimate to bring back to code? If you have that information, it’s still a nice location. 

David Hannig
Cazenovia, N.Y.

Hatteras Township approves liquor by the drink

Congratulations! Hatteras Island restaurant owners, best wishes for your success and profit from this newly legal enterprise.

Nikki Spears
Morehead City, N.C.

New Letters to the Editor....01.18.2012 9:15 a

A friend of mine is named Joe Saur.  He is curious as to how Joe Saur Creek (near Frisco) on Hatteras Island got its name. We've made several inquiries and Google searches but so far have come up empty. 

Pat O'Brien
Greenbelt, Md.

(Editor’s Note:  Saur Creek is a new one on me.  I’ve never heard of it. Anyone out there know about this creek?  And, if so, do you know how it got its name?)

Talking Trash on Ocracoke is akin to ‘wading into quicksand’

Interesting discussion -- but I see no mention of recycling, which would substantially reduce trash collection and landfill use and potentially generate income for the collectors.


NCDOT awards contracts for road work in Dare and Hyde

Since the Canal Zone is under water much of the time I'm sure the Army Corp of Engineers will declare it wetlands as they have a road in Carova, thus stopping the project.

Ted A. Hamilton (aka Salvo Jimmy)
Salvo / Hampton, Va.

Island Living: In defense of a world without Walmart

My mom lives on-island off season. I get there as often as I can.  Please, oh please, don't ever allow a Taco Bell to open up.  Hatteras Island is the way it is, because IT IS and that works.  Tell you beer-stealing buddies two things -- who leaves the house without packing their drawers and if you by chance forget your drawers, who's gonna care?  You are at the beach, on Hatteras Island, for goodness sake. Enjoy the breeze...... and no Walmarts either.  Amen.

Ashburn, Va.

July 4 fireworks shows are cancelled on Hatteras and Ocracoke

Please post ASAP whether or not there will be fireworks at Ocracoke this year. Reservations must be made soon. With the beach closings, it will no longer be worth our trip from Pennsylvaniato hike and drag our stuff to the beach plus no Fourth of July celebration.

Jo Lyons
State College, Pa.

Big Cypress National Preserve takes flak for its ORV plan

So many of the vocal groups involved in management and access believe that all or nothing is the only acceptable choices. I think this is sometimes called a scorched earth policy.

In this case, we are talking about adding an area where traditional uses are included but that's not viewed as acceptable. (Sound familiar to anyone who remembers traditional access to CHNSRA?)

Three cheers for Superintendent Ramos!

It appears some won't be happy until every undeveloped piece of land in the country is accessible only by looking through the glass in a museum case.

An autographed baseball in a glass container has its place but if ALL the baseballs are in glass cases, appreciation for the game will diminish significantly.

Germantown, Md.

Note the superintendent talks about “promises” that helped establish the Preserve.  Those similar "promises" that helped establish the seashore have been basically ignored.

In the Congressional enabling legislation for the Preserve, there is the use of "recreational values" in the very first paragraph.

The link can't be posted, but you can Google it with Big Cypress "enabling legislation."

Ted A. Hamilton (aka Salvo Jimmy)
Salvo /Hampton, Va.

HealthEast will close Hatteras clinic on Dec. 30

This will definitely be a hardship for Ocracoke residents as well.

Kitty Mitchell

Insurance industry targets coastal counties again

Once again, coastal counties are being singled out by the insurance industry for unwarranted increases in insurance rates in the Inner and Outer Banks counties. This time the targets are dwellings, which are defined basically as homes that are either rentals or second homes.  The rates could be increased as much as 25 percent on the coast, and the rationale, once again, is the proclaimed fear of a “Katrina.”

My primary purpose in writing this is to ask you and other editors in the region to speak out in your editorial capacity to encourage all our citizens and legislators to contact Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, asking him to stop, take a deep breath, and carefully analyze the data before ruling in favor of the insurance lobby. Here are a few salient points to use:
North Carolina is one of only a handful of states that have created a Rate Bureau, which is nothing more than a legislated price-fixing organization. Since there is no price competition, the Commissioner gets to decide who pays what based on the Rate Bureau’s request.
The Insurance Commissioner owes his allegiance to no one but the statewide electorate. Since we have about 10 percent of the population, it’s obvious we’re at a numerical disadvantage and he is under no pressure to protect us.
The irrational claims of the insurance industry that a Katrina could happen at any moment is absurd. We have never had a Katrina. Although Hugo came pretty close, it hit Charlotte and missed us. We have never had a Category 5 and only one Category 4, and that was Hazel which tracked up I-95. 
The only defense we currently have is to let the Commissioner know that the continuation of unfair increases will be met with a continuation of litigation and, hopefully legislative remedies to restore competition in the marketplace.

Tom Thompson
Chairman, NC 20

(Editor’s Note:  NC 20 is a coalition of 20 North Carolina coastal counties.  You can find out more about the organization at . For more information on the North Carolina Department of Insurance, go to

Islander is thankful for prayers and support

I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and support during the past year for my wife Pat.

This is her second battle with breast cancer, and it was no easier than the first round. But the support and care the people of Hatteras have shown us has made it all bearable.

The prayer shawl made for Pat has provided hours of warmth and comfort while has received her infusions and a feeling of “I am not alone.” The support of the Hatteras Island Cancer Foundation has truly been a God-send in helping cope with the financial burden of traveling and treatments at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Pat has just had her 3 month check up since the last infusion and all is well and clear.

We have had 43 wonderful years together and are looking forward to many to come.

Again, I thank all for the friendship and support shown us and look forward to spending my time here on this island among such caring and wonderful people.

Kenn Conley

New Letters to the Editor....01.06.2012 5:00 pm

I use this site to stay informed about Hatteras Island where I have vacationed for 30 years.  (Frankly I liked not having a TV or phone in my cottage and shopping for food and bait at the same store.)  I imagine many others also check this site frequently.  I would like to know what visitors to Hatteras can do to preserve a place I have come to cherish, where my son and now his family have also spent memorable vacations with me.  I realize that modern life is synonymous with change and accept it.  I also know that if we all don't help preserve what we can, the things that attracted me to Hatteras 30 years ago will disappear.  So what can we do?  I don't just mean save water, recycle, etc.  I hope that those of us who appreciate the island can actually help--could be a resource to the residents who provide us with our memorable visits.  Let those who don't care go to Myrtle Beach and eat at McDonalds!

Linda B.
Springfield, Ohio

Guest Column: Hatteras Connection is working to ensure a future for island watermen

While living on Hatteras Island for seven years, we had our mail delivered to the Avon Post Office. I always looked for Susan’s writings in the papers, as she has a knack for saying the right things in my mind. It was also a pleasure to see her at the Post Office and talk to her. Hatteras Island is lucky to have her voice heard.

David Woods
Milton, Del.

Islanders have always been resilient and determined.  For generations they have adapted to change, and today is no different. Building on our "connections," our common bonds, our shared challenges and our emerging opportunities, the communities along the Banks southward to Down East Carteret County will build a future that continues the old traditions in new ways!  Thank you, Susan, for your leadership and vision.  Thanks, too, to the people of Hatteras who are investing time and work in their futures.

Karen Amspacher
Harkers Island

I am all for supporting local watermen. But the commercial fishermen need to band together with the recreational fishermen to form a stronger voice.

Paul Rudar

Beach Access Issues

About the Park Service economic impact study -- I guess owning a business in Buxton for 34 years does not qualify us to be included.

Carol Busbey

Island Living: In defense of a world without Walmart

In the many years I have visited Hatteras Island, I actually have overpacked underwear. I usually have swimming trunks on 90 percent of the day, and pajamas the rest of the day and night.

I like that the Walmart is up north (of Hatteras), just far enough away, but just close enough to get to.  Plus we can hit it on the way in if we realize we forgot something during our drive.

Cleveland, Ohio

State Sen. Marc Basnight resigns for health reasons

It is so sad to see him in that state of health. That man has done so much for all of us. he will be sorely missed. Thank you for all you have done, Sen. Basnight. I wish you the very, very best.

Wes Lassiter

To a great senator and a personal friend: Best wishes and a happy marriage in your retirement.

Nags Head

UPDATE: The fate of Ocracoke’s Island Inn is still unknown

The first time I went to Ocracoke, I stayed at the Island Inn.  That was about 1972.  I've stayed and eaten there too many times to count since then.  When it was owned by Russell (drat - name escapes me!), his daughter ran it and his son ran the kitchen.  We had a dinner there with the Carolina Jaguar Club, and Russell read us some of the columns that he had written about his experiences on the island.  Most memorable.  So was the “all you can eat blackened Spanish mackerel” that I re-ordered twice!  Haven't been to Ocracoke in several years, and really hate to hear that the place is closed.  I'll miss it, but it will stay fresh in my memory.  I really miss "Berkley House" too!

Bob Wasson
Statesville, N.C.

July 4 fireworks shows are cancelled on Hatteras and Ocracoke

Will Hatteras and Ocracoke have a fireworks show this July 4 (2011)?

Rebecca Newquist
Mount Airy, Md.

(Editor’s note:  There will be a July 4 celebration on Ocracoke with various activities, including the Old Time July Fourth Parade.  However, I am told that no decision has been made yet about fireworks.  There will also be July 4 activities on Hatteras Island, but no decisions have been made on fireworks. After the tragic explosion on July 4, 2009, the state requires more of fireworks sponsors and operators, especially in the way of training.  Many smaller communities have found it difficult and cumbersome to comply.)

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