July 31, 2012

Dare Emergency Management releases re-entry information

Dare County Emergency Management officials are encouraging local residents, business owners, and non-resident property owners to review their re-entry plans and make sure they have the necessary permits and documentation for re-entry following a hurricane.

When needed, re-entry will occur in four phases -- Priority One, Priority Two, Priority Three and Priority Four.

Dare officials note that no passes are issued for Dare County residents - a valid North Carolina driver’s license with a local address will allow a resident entry during Priority Two.

In addition, no re-entry permits will be issued within 72 hours of expected landfall of a storm on the Outer Banks, so it is important for businesses and agencies classified as Essential Personnel (Priority One) and Essential Personnel for Critical Businesses (Priority Two) to contact Emergency Management at 252-475-5655 as soon as possible to make arrangements before a storm is threatening.

Priority One includes essential utilities, government, medical and damage assessment personnel. Personnel from these Priority One agencies will be given a Critical Personnel Pass for re-entry. Contact Dare County Emergency Management for more information.

Priority Two includes residents and essential personnel for critical businesses. As mentioned, residents of Dare County will be allowed entry during Priority Two with a valid driver’s license with a local address.

Non-resident essential personnel of critical businesses, such as food service/supply, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, property management, building supply, and hotels will be permitted reentry during Priority Two only with a permit. Permits issued to critical businesses for non-resident essential employees must meet stringent criteria. Contact Emergency Management for more information.

Priority Three includes non-resident property owners and non-resident employees of non-critical businesses. Re-entry permits were mailed to non-resident property owners in April. Permits were issued one per household based on tax registration information.

If you are a non-resident property owner and did not receive your re-entry permit at the address associated with your Dare County tax bill, please contact Dare County Emergency Management.
Green re-entry permits were dispersed for property owners north of Oregon Inlet. Burgundy r-entry permits were dispersed for property owners south of Oregon Inlet.
Non-resident employees of non-critical businesses will be allowed entry during Priority Three with a re-entry pass. Business owners must contact Dare County Emergency Management to receive re-entry passes for employees.

No re-entry passes are required for visitors and the general public to regain entry when Priority Four phase for re-entry is announced.

For more information about re-entry following a hurricane evacuation, contact Dare County Emergency Management at 252-475-5655.

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