November 9, 2012
NCBBA red-drum tournament is cut short by weather

The annual North Carolina Beach Buggy Association annual Red Drum Tournament ran head on into Hurricane Sandy as the storm passed by the Outer Banks on the weekend of Oct. 27-28.

The tournament began on schedule on Thursday, Oct. 25, with 222 anglers competing for more than $10,000 in cash and prizes.  They came from 18 states with Allan Maly from Dallas, Texas, traveling the longest distance.

Thursday saw warm temperatures and calm seas with lots of 15-inch bluefish and five red drum measured.

On Day 2, Friday, the winds picked up and so did the size of the fish.  There were eight red drum measured, of which three were more than 40 inches, qualifying for a state citation.

Also by Friday, all eyes were on Hurricane Sandy’s forecast tract and expected impacts on the Outer Banks. Tournament officials announced early Friday morning that the tournament would end at noon on Saturday, instead of the scheduled 4 p.m.

On Saturday morning, the winds and tides were extremely high, and only two more red drum were measured.

The awards banquet was moved up to 2 p.m. on Saturday to allow anglers to get off Hatteras Island before the evening high tide overwashed Highway 12.

A total of 16 red drum were measured during the three-day tournament, of which the five over 40 inches were qualifying for a state citation.

All of the fish were released alive.  No red drum have ever been killed during this tournament.

The final tournament results are:
  • 1st Place Overall for Largest Red Drum -- Mike McKee of Durham, N.C., with a 47.75-inch fish.
  • 2nd Place Overall for Largest Red Drum: Mike McKee of Durham with a 45.50-inch fish.
  • Most Red Drum: Mike McKee of Durham with four fish.
Mike Eastridge of Charlotte, N.C., had the Day I largest red drum with a 45-inch fish, and Mike Crew of Leesburg, Va., was the second place Day 1 winner with a 19.75-inch red drum.

John McKee of Durham won for the Day 2 largest red drum with a 41-inch fish, and John Cupples of Altoona, Pa., was the second place Day 2 winner with a 26-inch red drum. He then donated the $100 cash prize to NCBBA for the legal fund.

Ian Gilmour of Durham won the Day 3 Largest Red Drum with a 44-inch fish, and Jeff Rosenberry of  Boyce, Va., was the second place with a 38.25-inch drum.

Hunter Durrer of Charlottesville, Va., was the Junior Angler (16 and under) winner with an 18-inch red drum.

Beth Barsalou of Highland Springs, Va., was the Female Angler winner with an 18-inch red drum.

Charles Durrer of Charlottesville, Va., had the largest bluefish -- 18.75 inches.

Terrie Ferris of Canterbury, Conn., has the largest sea mullet with a 17.25- inch, 2 pound, 3 ounce fish.

NCBBA thanked everyone for their support of this annual event and announces that next year’s tournament dates are Oct. 23-26.

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