January 2012 Letters To The Editor

New Letters to the Editor....01.26.2012  12:30 pm

Park Service is preparing to implement ORV rule

I fully understand the need for permits but the amount of money proposed per permit is over the top.  I grew up coming Down East to fish on the Point, and it was a right of passage for me as a young child to be included on this trip. 

Kevin Taylor
Salisbury, N.C.

Everything must change in a lifetime, and, yes, we are heart broken about what is about to happen to the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks, where I spent my summers, but I will not turn my back on them.  My husband and I decided that we would spent some of our money buying Christmas presents from the island to help out in some places. We so enjoyed driving the beach and, yes, as much as I hate it, we'll be in line to get our permits and just go with whatever as long as we can make more memories with our grandkids, whether it's eating, shopping, or just looking at others and knowing they are feeling what we feel for island. Time is moving forward fast for all of us in this world of ours, it's what you are going to do with the time you have now. Good luck with your decisions. We will be back!

Debbie Cooper
Washington, N.C.

Goodbye, Outer Banks. My apologies to the business owners and real estate companies of Buxton and Ocracoke. Our group consists of least 22 individuals. We have been coming to surf fish every spring and fall for 15 years. Sadly, we will come no more since we have had enough of regulations shoved at us.

I wish the best to the Outer Banks Motel, the Red Drum tackle shop of Buxton, and to Edwards of Ocracoke and the Tradewinds tackle shop of Ocracoke.

Ron Hutzell
Hagerstown, Md.

I have been visiting the Outer Banks since 1973. Most years I have made at least two trips to Hatteras for a week each time. I have always loved the beaches and the surf fishing, even though in the last 10 years the Park Services has severely limited our beach access. Some years I have made as many as five trips down and always rent a house. Sad to say -- no more. I can take the hint form the Park Services. Obviously, they don’t want my business any longer. I will not pay to drive on limited beach access.  It takes me 10 hours to make the trip from here and I have found that South Carolina has plenty of fishing just as good only two hours from me. Good luck with future rentals.

Lawrence Spath
Rembert, S.C.

2011: The photos of the year

Please post more sunset pictures or any sunny pictures. It eases the winter blues up here. Love reading your website. Thanks!

Chris Gedeon
Cleveland, Ohio

Awesome, Donny! You will be remembered as the historian of our generation.  Happy New Year and see you soon.

Karen Malina Scroggin

Island Living: A Visitors Guide to life in the Real World

This fine article perfectly describes why we visit Hatteras Island every summer for our vacation. People ask me "Why do you go there every year?" My answer is "because there is nothing else to do but enjoy what real life should be."  You know we, too, have to escape the "real world" sometimes.

Regards and ... A bientôt!

Martin Hamel
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

This one, by far, is my favorite! Especially the part with your friend visiting you while in Boston! I laughed so hard I cried! Thank you! I love this article!

Maryann Hooper
Wenonah, N.J.

Island Living: Stupid New Years resolutions to forget and a couple good ones to keep

Joy, I enjoyed this write up -- as always! Thanks for such good advice! Now if we could just get moved to the Outer Banks!

Hurlock, Md.

Bill to reserve three species, including red drum, for recreational anglers is back

North Carolina is one of the few states on the southeastern seaboard allowing netting of these fish for sale. Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana and Texas all classify reds and specks as gamefish and don’t allow them to be netted.

Mike B.
Richmond, Va.

I've lived on the Outer Banks and have fished it since 1977. For the last 12 years, I have spent a week in the late fall on the island, not necessarily the best time to fish (or catch). I have seen the available fish decimated to the Point that I am looking elsewhere, where the stocks are better controlled from the professional netters. So you have a choice -- reduce the livlehoods and/or incomes of a handful of netters or turn Hatteras back into the ghost house it was in the fall/winter when I lived there in '77. Me? I'd like to bring home a few fish with my $800 investment for the week. Go CCA!

Dave T.
Cary, N.C.

Coast Guard rescues sailor off Cape Hatteras

Kudos to the great men and women of our Coast Guard. They do such awesome work and get very little recognition or thanks for jobs well done.  I am very proud of these individuals who not only sacrifice their lives for all in many ways but who also give back so much to our local communities. Thanks to each of you!

Sue Holster
Hertford, N.C.

Commentary:  The good old days of skinny dipping on the seashore are over

I hope you folks on the island stand up to the National Park Service. My family has been coming down for 40-plus years and have seen many things changes. But this latest may well be the last straw. Driving permit for the beach and watch a video -- come on. If the park ranger finds someone acting up ask them to leave or write a ticket. We had a great time on the island fishing and spending our hard earned money but the time has come to go elsewhere. Good luck to the local folks. Save your pennies. It may be a long ride.

Richmond, Va.

Hatteras Island Ocean Center is a new project that would be a fishing pier and much more

Hopefully, much thought will go into this endeavor before action is taken.  If one really wants a pier, why not head toward Nags Head?  If one wants a “food court”, why not go to Baltimore or New York City where Mr. Kaplan originates from? Is there really a need for party rooms over what the Civic Center provides?  Would it be worth it for the extra people on the beach? The 24/7 lights drowning out the sunsets and sunrises?  Can most businesses on Hatteras afford to open/lease an additional business there?  Mostly, do the Hatterasmen and annual visitors really want to end the unbelievable tranquility which presently is Hatteras?  Hopefully, much thought will go into this before a decision is made.

M. Saylor
Staunton, Va.

Island Cooking: Beans are warm and satisfying, healthful, and economical

I don't soak great northern or navy beans overnight.  I sort and wash them, put them in a pot with water, bring to a boil, and boil for two minutes. Then remove from heat, put a lid on, and let it sit for one hour.  Add the ingredients, such as a ham bone and for 1 1/2 hours or until tender.  In my family (German/English), we eat spareribs and sauerkraut (baked with a little brown sugar) and mashed potatoes for luck on Jan. 1.  

Jean Herbert
New Madison, Ohio

Some of these bean recipes look inviting and I think I'll try a few. I'm in the heart of pork and sauerkraut country. It's on the menus of most diners at least once a month here with a big pile of fresh mashed with the other stuff piled right on it. Yum!

Ernie Steele
Lebanon, Pa.

Park Service is working with Avon groups on finishing Little Kinnakeet restoration

The National Park Service couldn’t get it painted for $1,340,260 million?.Go, islanders. This has always been my most favorite Coast Guard Station. This is how the Currituck Light got done and should be how Bodie Island gets done.

Native Son

UPDATE: Beach nourishment off the table for long-term Highway 12 fix

The new proposal suggested by the Fish and Wildlife officials could be a winner and keep most people happy. Please take a long look at this idea and try working with each other to make this a reality.

Randy Nowak

UPDATE: Hyde manager gets DOT ferry toll meeting moved to Ocracoke

Welcome to the world of the Tea Party, where tax revenues will be cut and user fees take their place.  We have it here.  Toll road proposals with tolls high enough to discourage travel at all, save for the rich, and businesses who will simply charge you more for goods.  The increases here are a gift from the Republican legislature and their Tea Party friends.  I have always been impressed with the professionalism of the North Carolina ferry system -- its people, boats and operation.  But now it is simply another case of we don't want to pay from the Tea Party and its stooges.

Jim Robinson
Richmond, Va.

Visiting Portsmouth Island is a trip back in time

Will there be a Portsmouth Island reunion of families and people who lived on the island many years ago or have visited over a period of time in 2012?  We were there in April of last year and a group suggested that there is such a reunion every two years.  Will such a reunion occur in 2012? Thanks very much for your insight.

Surry Roberts
Raleigh, N.C.

(Editor’s note:  Yes, there will be reunion this year on April 28.  For more information, go to

Running for office

For the naysayers that may be critical of my campaign for Dare County Commissioner, I have a message for you.  As an American, I have a Constitutional right to place my name on a ballot for any elected office!  Untold millions of men and women have defended that right from the earliest days of this Republic.  I’m an imperfect man that has failed in many of the endeavors I have pursued in life, but as a result of those failures, I have learned and been humbled beyond belief.  My purpose in this effort is to simply offer ideas that may actually help solve some of the issues facing Dare County.  As a candidate, I will conduct myself in a manner befitting a gentleman.  I have neither axes to grind nor vendettas to pursue; I merely want to offer you, the people of Dare County solutions.

Kevin Gray Conner

New Letters to the Editor....01.11.2012  2:00 pm

Bodie Island Lighthouse is set to have restoration completed and will be open for climbing

So pleased to finally get an update on Bodie Island Lighthouse.  I am looking forward to getting to climb to the top and see the beautiful views. My family has been watching and wondering when we will do this. Thanks again for the information/update.

Marrion Beers
Chardon, Ohio

I've waited and hoped for this for 40 years, always wondering if this light station would ever be open to the public.  Now I just hope I can make the climb up and at least make it back down if I get up there.  Nice story!  Thanks to all the people who worked over the years to make this a reality.

Al Smith
Grove City, Pa

Commentary:  The good old days of skinny dipping on the seashore are over

Great article.  New Jersey (Island Beach State Park) has all of the same restrictions you talk about.  It’s sad, but people adjust to it and accept it.  They require permits and there is only one way to get on the island -- through a guard shack. And they do check for the required fishing poles  -- permits are not issued for simply riding the beach.  While I don't agree with it, if the people want to spend time on the beach, they will reluctantly pay the fees  I hope this doesn't go through. I, too, have spent many days enjoying the open access beaches on Hatteras Island.

Milltown, N.J

One of the best articles that I have read. Yes the powers to be are ruining our freedom. The Outer Banks has been our second home for more than 30 years. We will sure miss the good old days.

Jim McGarry
Rockville, Va.

The jail penalty and fine for skinny dipping appears to be much more serious than for bankers in North Carolina who intentionally wrote bad loans to people who did not qualify by usual financial requirements. Hmm….

Kitty Hawk

It just feel so free, loose, good, whatever.

Sarasota, Fla.

NPS has assimilated all North Carolina law into seashore regulations, so state law on nudity would apply in the seashore.

Now, Dewey, I'm sure you are aware of how Southerners look at this.

Naked means you are runnin' around with no clothes on.

“Neeked” means you are runnin' around with no clothes on and are up to sumptin'

Ted A Hamilton (aka Salvo Jimmy)
Salvo and Hampton, Va.

Have I skinny dipped? Yep....and loved every minute of it! I still discreetly topless sunbathe when I go to Ocracoke. I mean if guys can.......With all the horrible changes that are coming (and are already in place) I'm sure Ranger Rick will be watching me like a hawk no matter what.

M. Breeden
Virginia Beach, Va.

Island Living: Stupid New Year’s resolutions to forget and a few to keep

This really made me pause. So many of us spend time cleaning, etc. and forget to remember that it's the people in life who bring us the most joy. Forget about the dirty floor which must be cleaned right now. That floor will be dirty when we return from enjoying family and/or friends and the blessings of nature with which The Maker provided us. We live on borrowed time; use it wisely.

Dodee Karoly
Landenberg, Pa.

Island Living: A Visitors Guide to life in the Real World

I LOVE this article! It's wonderful. Definitely a keeper!!

Stacy O'Neal
Kill Devil Hills

Jones requests action on fisheries reform bills

There are no buffalo hunters because there are no buffalo. There will be no fisherman because there are going to be no fish to catch!

Jim Lawson

Long-vacant Coast Guard housing has a new owner

I am neighboring resident of this housing facility and am glad to hear there will be less grass, as trees and native fauna would help absorb the extraordinary flooding that persists after any significant rain. Because of the original poor planning, there is no reasonable stormwater management plan and the area continues to flood to neighboring homes and creates a mosquito breeding area.

Unfortunately, Dare county no longer has an effective larvacide program which would keep mosquitoes from ever reaching the adult stage, much more effective than the pesticide trucks and airplanes with toxic chemicals we are subjected to. So our hope here is that a stormwater management plan is put into place that will be sufficient for the huge houses that are on this property.

Taxpayers paid for these duplexes for military housing. These units are very much out of proportion to the neighboring houses. There are too many of them it seems and for the purchase price and proper planning, it seems fair that many should be eliminated and that they conform to the present building code. The surrounding property owners have been dealing with the fallout from this facility for some time, and we are hoping for positive solutions.


They're off to a good start. From the photos, there's not much grass left as it is. Glad that something is going to happen with the property. Can we still walk down the beach to the Point, or does this transaction close the beach off?

Jim Rosenthal

(Editor’s note: Yes, you can still walk on the beach.  The National Park Service controls the all beaches on the island.)

Park Service is preparing to implement ORV rule

So those of us who, from time to time, want to drive down south to Hatteras or Ocracoke as a "day tripper" won't have any financial consideration to drive out on the beach? How about if I'm disabled and can't walk on the possible chance that a parking place can be found?  Does the Park Service not care about Americans with disabilities having access to the public beaches?  No ramps, etc.?  How does that comply with ADA?  These beaches aren't private property.

Kill Devil Hills

I don't understand why all the changes. First they start charging for fishing permits, even though they close over half the beach during the summer months. So your fishing is limited. Now they want to charge everyone a fee that wants to go fishing -- just to be able to drive on the beach. So why don't you ( The Park Service ) just close the beach to everyone. And kill the livelihood of all the residents on the Outer Banks, a beautiful place to visit.

Mitch Adams
Berkeley Springs, W.Va.

The filming of Nights in Rodanthe: Hollywood came to Hatteras Island

 I have a cedar chest exactly like the one featured in the beach house. My grandparents received the chest as a wedding gift about 75 years ago. Is there anything more you know about the chest?

Crawfordsville, Ind.

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