April 1, 2013

Hatteras Island Business Association is reactivated   

A reactivated Hatteras Island Business Association will meet on Tuesday, April 9, at 6 p.m. at the Hatteras Village Community Building.

The Hatteras Island Business Association was initially formed in 1981 and was active for more than a decade. In February 2013 concerned business leaders revived the association because of a gradual tourism decline due to the unstable infrastructure of Highway 12 on Hatteras Island. Individuals and businesses can join the association.

The mission of the Hatteras Island Business Association is to help develop a healthy business climate on Hatteras Island by providing a vehicle for the business community and citizens to have a collective voice regarding their needs and concerns for Hatteras Island.

One of the association’s goals thus far has been traveling to Raleigh to lobby  senators and representatives for an immediate fix through beach nourishment and a long term solution to Highway 12’s major hotspots.

``We have been and will keep in communication with our elected state and county officials so the message conveyed is clear and concise of what the needs and concerns of Hatteras Island businesses and citizens are,” writes association treasurer Bonnie Williams.

Officers of the association are Dave Dawson, president; Chyrel Austin, vice president; Jomi Price, secretary; and Williams as treasurer.

The association is in support of existing organizations and committees on Hatteras Island that are also working for a permanent solution to Highway 12 and other endeavors on Hatteras Island.

The association would also like to focus on being a facilitator for all of the island's organized groups so association members can be informed of each group’s current status.

``We are seven unincorporated villages. Together, we are one united island and can accomplish much,” writes Williams.

Annual dues to join the association are $10 for individuals. Business dues are based on the number of employees, as follows: 1-5 employees $25; 6-10 $50; 11-20 $100; 21-50 $200; and 50 or more $300. Affiliate member dues are $75.

To join the association, forward a check in the appropriate amount to HIBA, P.O. Box 1090, Avon, NC 27915.

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