Milestones:  Remembering hurricanes Emily and Isabel
August 20, 2013

Remembering water everywhere in Hurricane Emily


During Hurricane Emily my husband, son, and I stayed at my Granddad Monroe's because we had a trailer and knew it wasn't safe.  We took video of the storm as it came by. 

Looking around, I noticed water coming in the house around the walls.  I remember my Granddad saying water never had come in the house and never would.  Well it did!  He was opening the doors to keep the house from floating off its blocks.  My son was only 5 years old and had taken his plastic snake with him, but not knowing that, my granddad saw it in the water and grabbed it to throw it out.  I will always remember he did that to keep us safe. 

We moved a lot of things up that day to try and save them.  Some we did, some not.  But most of all we laughed even though we had some times of wondering what if the water didn't stop coming in. 

After the storm I remember all our neighbors in Hatteras village seemed to help each other.  It was a time of sharing with other villagers.  Since then we have gone through many other storms and each time learning a little more on how to stay safe and how much our neighbors mean to us. 

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