Milestones:  Remembering hurricanes Emily and Isabel
August 27, 2013

Trip to Ocracoke cancelled because of Isabel

Marysville, Ohio

We – the Yochum family -- were staying in Nags Head the year Isabel hit the OBX. My sister-in-law and I had decided to take a ride to Hatteras in my father’s conversion van and take the ferry over to Ocracoke. We had been watching the Weather Channel continuously so we knew Isabel was headed for us, but thought we had a few days before it hit to enjoy ourselves.

As we arrived at the ferry docks, we heard a rumor that Ocracoke was evacuating. We asked the ferry worker at the dock whether we could get over to the island?
His reply made our mouths hang open! He said in a slow southern drawl," Well, we can get you ladies over there and back but I can't guarantee your van will come back with you. You may have to leave it on Ocracoke!"
All we could think of was the look on my dad's face when we told him we had to leave his van over on Ocracoke! We got back in the van and left. On our way north, we stopped at many of the shops in Hatteras and bought souvenirs as people were packing and boarding up. They seemed worried and not sure how things would look when they came back.

We left Nags Head the next day and really should have left earlier. We sat in traffic for hours watching people run into the bushes to use the bathroom because everything was boarded up.
All the way home all we could think of was the people on Hatteras Island and we hoped they got out in time.

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