Milestones:  Remembering hurricanes Emily and Isabel
August 28, 2013

 A photographer’s view of the historic storms


Island Free Press photographer Don Bowers sent us some photos that he took after hurricanes Emily and Isabel.

There are two slide shows – one very short one from Emily and a longer one from Isabel. 

The Hurricane Emily photos were taken in the Buxton area shortly after the storm passed.

The Hurricane Isabel photos were taken during and after the storm. 

There are many photos of Isabel Inlet that was cut between Frisco and Hatteras village – from the air and from the Frisco and the Hatteras sides of the breach.  There are photos of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers moving sand that was moved in through a pipeline from Hatteras Inlet to eventually fill the cut.

Many of the photos show the destroyed businesses and motels on the eastern edge of Hatteras village – and even the one house that was washed into the sound.

The flooding photos are mostly from the Buxton area during the storm.

Click here to see Hurricane Emily slide show.

Click here to see Hurricane Isabel slide show.

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