September 12, 2013

DOT Secretary Tata honors heroic ferry crew

North Carolina Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Tata awarded seven crew members of the Motor Vessel Croatoan with the Ferry Division’s Extra Mile Award for their actions during an onboard medical emergency in June.  The award came during a ceremony on Wednesday, Sept. 11, in Mann’s Harbor.
“This incident could have had many possible outcomes, but the crew’s quick response and attention to every detail ensured it had the right one,” Tata said. “The crew members of the Croatoan helped save their captain’s life, and delivered the ship and its passengers safety to their destination.” 
The incident occurred on the afternoon of June 2 while the Croatoan was en route from Hatteras to Ocracoke carrying 24 vehicles and 52 passengers. Captain Shawn Gray suddenly collapsed in the wheelhouse and was unresponsive and not breathing.

The crew immediately sprang into action to administer emergency medical procedures to Gray while another officer took control of the helm and proceeded to the Ocracoke dock.

Meanwhile, other crew members secured professional medical help from a passenger and operations personnel on shore contacted Hyde County Emergency Medical Services.

The employees receiving the award are: Terry Gray, Hatteras Operations Manager; Ervin Farrow III, Senior A/B; Sandy Griffin, A/B; Zander Brody, Ferry Engineer; Rudy Austin, Oiler; Taylor Daniels, Ordinary Seaman; Robert Penfield, Security.
Captain Shawn Gray has made a complete recovery and returned to work last week. He attended today’s award ceremony, and thanked the crew that helped save his life. “If it wasn’t for them, I don’t think I’d be here today,” he said.     

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