November 11, 2013

Plenty of fish were caught in annual Anglers Club tournament


The 56th annual Cape Hatteras Anglers Club Invitational Surf Fishing Tournament, one of the oldest tournaments on the East Coast, brought 120 teams of six anglers each to fish on Hatteras Island beaches last week.

And, by all accounts, the 2013 tournament was a good one, not plagued by some of the Highway 12 access issues after Hurricane Irene and Sandy or really awful wind and weather.

Team fishing days were Thursday and Friday, Nov. 7 and 8.  Thursday was dismal with some fog and drizzle, but temperatures were mild. Friday was cooler and blustery with gusty north winds that didn’t blow quite as hard as was forecast.

“A lot of fish were caught, and a lot of points were scored,” said Anglers Club President Larry Hardham.

The teams caught a total of 1,166 fish for a total of 7, 687 points.

Most of the fish caught were puppy drum, Hardham said.

The winning team, the Atlantic Surf Anglers, secured its first place during the very first session Thursday morning when team members caught 18 fish, mostly drum, for a total of 313 points.  They were fishing at a station near Ramp 34.

Plenty more fish were caught, but the Atlantic Surf Anglers stayed in the lead until the end of fishing on Friday afternoon.

Hardham said the tournament was begun to bring visitors to Hatteras to stimulate the economy during the fall shoulder season – when the fishing is usually at its best.

He noted that the club makes a point of spreading the 120 fishing stations in and near every island village, but that didn’t work out this year.

When club officials headed out Monday and Tuesday of last week to survey the beaches and place the stations, the forecast was for northeast winds gusting to 45 mph on Friday. Given the width of the beaches, they decided against putting stations at Ramps 23 and 27 between Salvo and Avon and Ramp 55 in Hatteras village.

That, Hardham said, was a hard decision and a disappointment for the club.

“We make our very best effort to put stations everywhere on the island,” he said.  But, the club does not want to risk the vehicles of the judges and team members if the wind sends the tide across the beach.

The club makes every effort, though, to bring benefits to businesses and island non-profit groups through the tournament.

This year, Hardham said, the club purchased $1,160 cans, boxes, or bags of Girl Scout candy to put in the “goody” bags that each judge and team captain receives.  The profit from the sale will benefit Hatteras Island’s Girl Scouts.


First Place:  Atlantic Surf Anglers. Captain Ralph Deluca and team members Kevin Greaves, Linda Greaves, Joe McGowan, Bolli Mam, and Kurt Renart.

Second Place: South Jersey Surfcasters. Captain John Grone and team members Vinny Morris, Jeff Stanton, Chuck Leaming, Bob Rinier, and Shane Rinier Sr.   

Third Place:  Slammin’ Sammy’s Hurricanes. Captain Sam Stokes and team members   Joe White, John Smith, West Wright, Wade Davis, and Zack Garcia.

Top Female Team: The Stormy Gales. Captain Shirley Lutz and team members Kathy Grant, Sue Wright, Linda Moore, Kay Cole, and Summer Bracher.

Largest Fish
Largest Red Drum caught by a Female: A three-way tie for the winners with a 26 1/2-inch red drum:  Sue Wright of the Stormy Gales; Audrey Whitlock of the Outcasters; and Linda Harper of the Queen Mackerels. 
Largest Red Drum caught by a Male: The winner with a 28-inch is Bob Larmore of the Beach Drummers.
Largest Bluefish caught by a Female: Nancy Giannotti of the Island Girls with a 16-inch fish.

Largest Bluefish caught by a Male:  Marty Mulligan of The Blues Brothers with an 18 -inch fish.

Largest fish caught by a male (other than a bluefish or red drum): Parker Herring of the “R” Team with a 26-inch black drum.

The largest fish caught by a female (other than a bluefish or red drum: Sue Wright of
The Stormy Gales with an 18 -inch flounder.

Session Winners

First Session : Atlantic Surf Anglers with 18 fish and 313 points.

Second Session :  Knot Heads with 10 fish and 137 points.

Third Session: Slammin’ Sammy’s Hurricanes with 12 fish and 184 points.

Fourth Session: SOVA Surfcasters with 8 fish and 87 points.

Bob Bernard Individual Tournament

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Robbie Parks for a  -pound black drum

Michael Mammi for a 1-pound bluefish

John Priddy for a 2 5/8-pound flounder

Linda Harper    for a 6 9/16-pound red drum

John Richards for a 3/4 - pound sea mullet

Bill Simmons     for a 1 -pound speckled trout


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