November 29, 2013

NCDOT conducting additional
inspections of Bonner Bridge

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is conducting additional inspections of the Hebert C. Bonner Bridge, which carries Highway 12 over Oregon Inlet, Friday and Saturday to ensure the safety of the traveling public along the Outer Banks.

Routine sonar scanning of the bridge recently identified additional scouring, or areas where sand has eroded from the support structures of the bridge. The additional scans and inspections will allow engineers to examine the area in greater detail.

At this time, the Bonner Bridge is open and safe for travel. The bridge is monitored on a regular basis, and as always, should safety ever become a concern it would be closed to traffic.

The bridge is the only way vehicles can travel directly between Hatteras Island and the mainland. If NCDOT was ever required to close it, the NC Ferry Division would provide emergency support to move people and cars.

In the interest of being prepared for any scenario, the Ferry Division has already tested its emergency ramps at Stumpy Point and Rodanthe and can deploy additional ferries when circumstances dictate.

NCDOT will provide updated information once the scans and inspections are complete.

Read more about the history of the Bonner Bridge and challenges to building a new one.

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