June 12, 2014

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
exterior paint project completed

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse recently received a fresh coat of exterior paint, making this iconic beacon stand out even more boldly against the surrounding green backdrop of oak, pine and wax myrtle vegetation. 

The exterior paint project began in late April and was completed in early June.  The recent work included painting all exterior lighthouse masonry and ground level foundation, painting exterior metal window and door frames, and washing all granite stones.

The contract included several phases of prep work using a work platform suspended by a system of ropes, cables and pulleys. 

First, the entire lighthouse was pressure washed and areas exhibiting deterioration were treated with a special sealant to limit moisture intrusion.  In the final step the masonry received four coats of black and white paint for the tower and red for the foundation brickwork.

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest brick lighthouse in North America.  Constructed in 1870, it stands 198.5 feet tall and was built to help ships navigate around the dangerous Diamond Shoals offshore from Cape Hatteras giving it the reputation of “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” 

For more information on climbing Cape Hatteras Lighthouse see the park webpage at:

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