October 7, 2014

Beth Midgett talks about replacing the Bonner
Bridge on 'To the Point'...WITH AUDIO


Beth Midgett, who has been chairwoman of the Dare County Citizens' Committee to Replace the Bonner Bridge since it was established in 2006, was the guest on Sunday, Oct. 5, on the new Radio Hatteras interview show, "To the Point."

On the show, she discussed the 25-year effort of the North Carolina Department of Transportation to replace the aging bridge that is the only highway link between Hatteras and the mainland.

"To the Point," which is hosted by Island Free Press Editor, Irene Nolan, airs on the island's community radio station, FM 101.5 and FM 99.9, at 5 p.m. on the first and third Sunday of each month.  It is repeated on the second and fourth Sunday.

Midgett, along with some other mothers, also started the Bridge Moms Facebook page, where they advocate for safe and practical access to Hatteras Island.

Among other things in the interview, she talked about:

  • The longer, 17.5 mile bridge alternative preferred by environmentalists, and why she did not favor it.
  • A system of ferries, also preferred by environmentalists and some scientists. "(Ferries) did not make sense in 1962 -- that's why the bridge was built. And it certainly doesn't make sense a half a century later," she said.
  • Current negotiations between NCDOT and the Southern Environmental Law Center, on behalf of its clients, to settle a lawsuit to stop the current plan to replace the bridge. "I'm okay with it, if DOT is okay with it," she said, adding that she did not believe that DOT would settle for an alternative that it can't fund and that it doesn't think it can get the permits for. She said she is one of those people "who have a fear about what SELC will pull out of its bag of tricks next." However, she said, she thinks DOT "knows who's on the playing field" and "what their end-game is."
  • The public's part in the negotiations.  "We do have a seat at the table," she said.  "We are represented by NCDOT and (the) Federal Highway (Administration).
  • The scientists, environmentalists, and others who feel not only that the Bonner Bridge should not be replaced but that Highway 12 should be allowed to fall into the Atlantic Ocean.

Go to the bottom of the page to listen to a recording of "To the Point."


On the show, IFP editor Irene Nolan will be interviewing newsmakers about the events and issues that affect all of us who live on Hatteras Island and those of us who love to visit here.

"You can expect to hear from folks who are making the news, those who are decision-makers, and some who are just plain interesting to talk to about the island and its past, present, and future," she says.

Because the station's all-volunteer staff and small budget are stretched tight, the show is pre-recorded. At this point, listeners cannot call in questions.

Also, the station can be received only on Hatteras Island, though the board of directors of the community, non-profit hopes that funds can be raised soon for online streaming of the programming.

For now, the audio will be posted the week after the interview so Island Free Press readers who missed the show or who do not live on Hatteras can listen in.

You can let Nolan know about folks you would like her to interview and suggest questions to ask. Send your ideas to [email protected].


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