December 4, 2015

Work expected to begin this weekend on Ocracoke dune repair

Repair work is expected to begin this weekend on dunes on north Ocracoke that were flattened in high winds and heavy seas during  coastal storms in early October.

A $321,315 contract was awarded to Carolina Marine Structures Inc. last month for the repair of a dune along Highway 12, and the work is expected to be completed in February, weather permitting.

During this project, crews are bringing in sand from a dredge spoil site immediately adjacent to the Hatteras/Ocracoke ferry terminal and transferring the sand a few miles south to the site of the dune that was washed out. 

The sand is being placed in the spoil site by a project to clear clogged areas of Hatteras Inlet. The state Ferry Division is using the state dredge Carolina  to clear about 700-800 feet between the inlet gorge and Sloop Channel, a section that recently has had as little as 3.5 feet of water. 

Occasional lane closures will be in place while crews move equipment in and out of the construction site. Crews are timing the lane closures around the schedule of ferry arrivals, so as to have as minimal impact to traffic as possible. 

In other NCDOT news, crews yesterday opened a section of the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk to traffic between Kitty Hawk Road and Lillian Street. The road was damaged in early October by the same storm that flattened the Ocracoke dunes.

Repairs began Tuesday, Oct. 27, on a project to reconstruct the damaged stretch of Highway 12/Beach Road and rebuild the dune at this location using sandbags, as well as install new sand fencing. A $412,933 contract was awarded to Waff Contracting Inc. of Edenton for the work. 

The new dune connects to an existing sandbag dune constructed earlier this summer just south of this location. On the northern end, it connects to a dune 200 feet to the north that was constructed using sandbags in 2003 and extended in 2004, following Hurricane Isabel. This allows for a continuous line of sandbags protecting Highway 12 in this area. The newly constructed dune system will be planted with sea grass starting next week.

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