December 31, 2015

One more record high for Cape Hatteras

The National Weather Service says that the high temperature of 74 on Wednesday tied the record of 74, set in 1990 -- so now we have two records for the date.

Today -- New Year's Eve --  should be cooler with temperatures kept down by clouds, rain, and the passage of a cold front this afternoon. However, it could be a close call on ending 2015 with another record high.

The temperature was 70 at Billy Mitchell Airfield in Frisco at 10 a.m. The record high for New Year's Eve is 72, set in three years -- 2004, 1973, and 1932.

Wednesday's record high temperature makes nine for December, most of them over the past week.

Later this afternoon, the temperature should drop to about 60 when the front passes through. The front is forecast to stall south of the area tonight with a weak low pressure area developing along it overnight.  The low pressure is forecast to bring more rain early on New Year's Day -- more likely for the southern Outer Banks than the northern area.

The streak of warm weather will end this weekend when the weather is forecast to be sunny with seasonably cool temperatures in the low to mid-50s. It will feel more like January, and the more seasonable weather will continue into next week.

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