February 9, 2016

Dare commissioners plan board retreat

The Dare County Board of Commissioners are planning a retreat that will last all morning on Thursday, February 11, from 8 a.m. until noon.  The retreat will be in the conference room of the Dare County Visitor's Bureau in Manteo.

According to the public notice, the retreat is "for the purpose of discussing the challenges and issues facing Dare County and exploring solutions that will best serve its citizens."


ITEM 1 -- Economic Development (Strategic Plan)
ITEM 2 -- Salary Study & Discussions on Available Funds Now for Salary Increases & Bonuses
ITEM 3 -- School Board Budget
ITEM 4 -- Two-Year Budget Plan
ITEM 5 -- Continue to Increase the Fund Balance
ITEM 6 -- Continue to Pay Down Insurance Debt
ITEM 7 -- Inlet Dredging (Hatteras Inlet & Oregon Inlet)
ITEM 8 -- Beach Nourishment Plans & Discussion of a Possible Tax Service District
ITEM 9 -- Continue Exploring Consolidation of Services
ITEM 10 -- Monitoring of Tax Redistribution in Raleigh
ITEM 11 -- Technology Issues for Creating Remote Access to Meetings

The retreat is open to the public but will not be available on audio or videotape.

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