October 18, 2016

Seashore superintendent is guest on radio show

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Superintendent David Hallac was the guest on the Oct. 16 edition of "To the Point," a Radio Hatteras interview show, hosted by Irene Nolan, editor of The Island Free Press.

Hallac talked about a variety of seashore issues, including Hurricane Matthew storm damage, record sea turtle nesting, the recent science workshops that the Park Service hosted, proposed changes to the final ORV rule, the Park Service's plan to address flooding in the Buxton and Frisco areas of the seashore, and many other topics.

Storm damage, Hallac said, was minimal at the Outer Banks Group parks.

"My sense, overall, is that from a major (damage) perspective, we've done okay," Hallac said.

He added that, like most other Outer Banks residents, the parks are dealing with flooding issues, shingles off roofs, and siding damage to buildings.

For once, Hallac noted, the flooding issues are not in the Buxton and Frisco areas of the seashore.  The Cape Point Campground, he said, is dry and in good shape.  

All beaches are now accessible and ORV ramps are open.  Hallac did mention a small "inlet" that opened in a spot on Hatteras spit along the Pole Road where there was also a breach after Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  He said it is already beginning to close up. And he also mentioned that the dunes were breached in an area of Kinnakeet Shores just south of the Avon Pier, an area that is increasingly threatened by erosion.

Hallac also spent a good deal of the interview discussing the Park Service recent science workshop, which was in late September.

He said about 68 people attended the first day of the two-day event.  Attendees included representatives of beach access groups and environmental groups, staff from such agencies as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, and members of the public.

Presentations by scientific experts on the species’ habitat, behavior and population dynamics  filled the first day. An objective panel of scientists listened to the presenters, and on the second day, a discussion was held.

The goal of the workshop was to consider trends, conditions and desirable outcomes in evaluating the success of wildlife nesting and factors that affect habitat, the document said, leading to “an improved understanding of the impacts of recreation and seashore management on wildlife.”

The panel’s report will synthesize known scientific factors that could affect the birds’ and turtles’ use of the seashore, assess how the factors determine the species productivity and use of the seashore habitat, assess management targets and whether they are reasonable, and provide conclusions on key variables and future needs to help reach management objectives through adaptive management.

Hallac says he expects the panel's report to be released to the public in late winter or early spring of next year.

To listen to the interview, which is about 45 minutes long, scroll down to the "To the Point" logo and click on the arrow.

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