June 28, 2017

33-Inch Dolphin Reeled in at Avon Pier


A 33-inch long dolphin was caught of the Avon Pier on Tuesday morning, June 27. Reeled in by J.R., a regular to the Avon Pier, the catch has been making waves on social media, and was followed with a comparable dolphin catch off of Nags Head’s Jennette’s Pier the following day.

Dolphins rarely come close enough to shore to be caught off a local pier, (although there were several reported catches in 2016), and are typically only found in the offshore waters via a charter trip.

While a handful of dolphin catches may be reported off the local piers, in previous years, these tended to occur during July and August when the ocean temperatures are at their warmest.

The warm and clear ocean waters which have been hovering at around 75 degrees may have contributed to the catch. The dolphin was caught on live bait at the Avon Pier, and on a Got-Cha Plug at Jennette’s Pier. 

The dolphin catch marks a brag-worthy event in a week that has seen lots of great fishing at the Avon Pier.

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