July 12, 2017

Four Rescued in Pamlico Sound off of Avon


On Wednesday afternoon, July 12, the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad responded to a call of two sunken boats in the Pamlico Sound off of Avon.

The call came in at 5:19 p.m. from central dispatch. Per Jack Scarborough, Chief of the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad, a spouse of one of the people on board called 911 and reported that the boats had sank off the coast of Avon.

The vessels were located about a mile and a half southwest of Avon Harbor. Three members of the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad went out on one of the Rescue Squad’s two vessels to address the call - Jack Scarborough, Sam Bell, and Kristian Head – while four additional team members stood by on the shore.

The skiff crew of the Rescue Squad were able to find the stranded vessels soon after leaving the shoreline. “Within minutes, we had the first person on scene and they located the sailboat that was sunk,” said Scarborough.

Two people were aboard each of the two stranded vessels, and all four people were rescued with no injuries reported.  “[We believe] the boats were too small for the water and weather conditions,” said Scarborough.

“It was great teamwork with no injuries reported,” reported the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad’s Facebook page.

The Hatteras Island Rescue Squad is a volunteer, non-profit organization with 30 members that provide rescue services for southern Hatteras Island. Visitors can follow the Rescue Squad via their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HIRS35/.

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