July 21, 2017
Weekly CHNS Update From Ranger Karol Jones

It’s been a very busy week on Hatteras Island!  On July 14, Cape Point was temporarily closed after an unidentified military device was discovered off the sandbar. The U.S. Navy’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit asked that a one mile safety perimeter be established until they could arrive and determine the exact nature of the item, and a portion of the perimeter fell within the boundaries of the Seashore, which resulted in the temporary closure. The EOD unit, after conducting a preliminary examination, determined that the item was a World War-II era training ordnance. The item was transported to Virginia for further examination and disposal.

Then, On July 19, the National Park Service contacted the U.S. Navy’s EOD unit regarding another potential World War II era unexploded ordnance (UXO) that was found in a remote soundside area on the southern end of Hatteras Island. When the EOD team arrived on scene it was identified as a WWII air drop bomb. They advised a controlled detonation was necessary to render the item safe. Pole Line Road was temporarily closed until the U.S. Navy performed the controlled detonation and advised it was all clear.
If you happen to encounter an unknown item on the beach which appears to be a UXO, please do not handle, instead call for help to identify.

Hikers to the sandbar off Cape Point from the fish cleaning station, please be aware it is 1.25 miles to the tip of Cape Point (2.5 miles round trip) and the sandbar is approximately 1 mile long, so take enough water and food for the hike.

Buxton Beach Nourishment is underway again and currently continuing northward.

Best of luck to all the surfers entered into the Eastern Surfing Association surfing tournament at Lighthouse Beach from July 22-23.

There is temporarily no pedestrian access from the parking lot at seasonal ORV Ramp 34. Access will be restored as soon as possible.

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