August 1, 2017

Timeline for Repairs Reduced to 4-6 Days

CHEC crews and contractors made significant headway throughout the day on two solutions that are being implemented to get power to the islands as soon as possible.

Overhead Solution: After completing installation of the poles required for overhead transmission lines, crews worked quickly to anchor the poles, place guy wires and build the right structures to accommodate other system components. Crews will begin installing the three-phase line tonight. Concurrently, the specialist team will begin prep work for the highly technical and detailed process of connecting the new overhead cables in two places – to the existing underground lines just before the site of the damage and to the existing overhead lines that run the length of Hatteras Island.

Underground Solution: Conditions at the trench continue to present significant challenges. The PCL Construction excavation team has worked hard to dewater the trench via a hydro-vacuum truck, and a well and pump system. However, because of the depth below the water table and the location adjacent to the sound, water continues to seep in. Crews continue their work to make trench conditions safe for the splicing specialists.

Timeframe: Restoring reliable transmission service in the safest, fastest way possible is the top priority.

CHEC is pleased with the progress made today and at this point estimates a 4-6 day timeframe from now for complete transmission restoration. This includes the time required for testing after all construction is complete and before transmission service can begin. CHEC is also working with Dare County officials to coordinate the safe return of visitors as soon as possible.


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