August 7, 2017

Sheriff's Office and Law Enforcement
Warns Residents About Phone Scam

There have been numerous calls coming into the Dare County Sheriff’s Office and Local Law Enforcement reference a phone scam that is showing up in our area. This particular one has the individuals stating they are from the Dare County Detention Center and there is a warrant for your arrest for various reasons. They will then state you will need to pay a fine to keep from being arrested. They can sound official and often very demanding in an attempt to scare you into complying. You can be assured you that no one from the Dare County Detention Center or Sheriff’s Office will call asking you to pay a fine not to get arrested. That is not how the process works. If you receive a phone call with someone asking you to pay a fine or provide your personal information over the phone related to anything in Law Enforcement, please contact your local law enforcement agency to verify it for accuracy. Do not provide any financial or personal information to them before checking into it. 

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