September 21, 2017

Hatteras Island Highlights of the September 18 BOC Meeting

The Dare County Board of Commissioners (BOC) covered a handful of issues that affected Hatteras Islanders at their September 18 meeting in Manteo.

Topics which pertained to the island included the following.  

New Bonner Bridge Update

NCDOT Division Engineer Jerry Jennings and Resident Engineer Pablo Hernandez gave the Board a report on construction of the new Bonner Bridge.  Jennings provided a timeline and summary of the project and described construction features differentiating the old bridge from the new span.  He said the project is about 50% complete and that the new bridge will open for traffic in fall 2018.

Hernandez gave a comprehensive report on the innovative design technology that is being used to construct the new Bonner Bridge.  He highlighted the way the new bridge will enhance navigational access by providing a much wider span at Oregon Inlet for vessels traveling under the bridge.

Jennings also gave an update on the Rodanthe bridge project and he announced that the NCDOT Board has approved Dare County’s request to name the new Pea Island Bridge, which is near completion, in honor of Captain Richard Etheridge.

Update on the Plastic Bag Ban

At their last meeting, Commissioners heard from citizens opposed to the NC Legislature’s repeal of the plastic bag ban. County Manager and Attorney Bobby Outten reported back to the Board on the issue, stating that North Carolina’s general statutes will not allow a referendum on the plastic bag ban.

That said, Governor Roy Cooper vetoed the bill which included the plastic bag ban – House Bill 56 - on Thursday morning. September 21.

Large Item Pick Up

Dare County Public Works has proposed scheduling large item pick up once a year rather than twice. This is to relieve the burden on staff now that inmates are no longer available through the Department of Corrections to assist with providing this service. Commissioners agreed to the new schedule and notices will be prepared to inform customers that will be affected by the change.  

Capital Improvements Plan for 2018 through 2022

The recommended Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for 2018 to 2022 was presented to the Board by Finance Director David Clawson.  The CIP includes major projects that cost over $50,000 and have a service life of at least 5 years.

Clawson noted that the Capital Improvement Planning Committee set fund balance goals of $650,000 for the first year and $750,000 for each subsequent year.  It was noted that the CIP funds, over the five years, the total amount requested for CIP projects by Dare County schools.  Mr. Clawson reviewed each CIP project including a new request for $170,094 to fund 3-D photography for revaluation and GIS.  He also outlined a $7,500,000 item for a new building on the COA Dare County campus and a $1,000,000 placeholder for demolition and renovation of the COA Russell Twiford campus that will be deeded to Dare County.  Mr. Clawson described how the COA project will be financed, including revenue from the state’s  bond  referendum, and provided details about debt issuance for the CIP.  A request to address immediate needs for EMS facilities was also presented in the CIP at a cost of $167,000.

Next Meeting of the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners’ next regular meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 2 at 9:00 a.m.  For more information about the Dare County Board of Commissioners, including full agenda packets and the video of entire meetings, visit


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