October 18, 2017

Buxton Beach Nourishment Update - October 18, 2017

Weeks Marine reports that they were able to work efficiently for approximately 60 hours over the past week with the hopper dredge R.N. Weeks having pumped approximately 42,000 cubic yards of sand. 38% of the total project volume of sand has been pumped up to this point.

The dredge R.N. Weeks had to return to Norfolk on Monday due to rough sea conditions and is expected to return to the job site around 9 p.m. tonight to resume operations. The dredge will continue to use the northern landing site that is located about one mile north of Buxton. If weather allows, it will start using the southern landing site later this week and work to complete the beach in front of Buxton. After finishing the southern portion of the project, the dredge will go back to the northern landing site and complete the beach north of Buxton.

Weeks Marine has decided not to bring the cutterhead dredge C.R. McCaskill back to the job site due to increasing wave activities. Instead, a new hopper dredge Magdalen, with double capacity of R.N. Weeks, is planned to take over the workload of the R.N. Weeks to complete the project.

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