November 14, 2017

CHNS Update From Ranger Karol Jones

Currently the Ramp 55 parking lot area is temporarily fenced off for the boardwalk to be replaced/improved.

The Cape Hatteras Fishing Pier and Pier House in Frisco is scheduled to be removed Dec 2017.  During the removal of the pier and pier house, parking will not be available. After the pier and pier house are removed, the Seashore will begin planning for a project to improve the parking lot and provide restroom facilities.

Reminder to please properly dispose of fish guts.  Per 36 CFR 2.14(a)(7) disposing of fish remains on land  is prohibited and if not utilizing a fish cleaning station, all fish and fish remains must be removed from the beach, bagged, and/or disposed of in an appropriate garbage receptacle.  The justification for this acknowledges that while fish wastes are biodegradable, “too much deteriorating fish waste within a small area of water is unsightly and can result in extremely foul odors, decreased dissolved oxygen levels in the water column, and/or attract predators/scavengers to the area.”

If a historical shipwreck is uncovered, please leave the shipwreck in place and notify park personnel who can contact a state Archaeologist.  Under Chapter 121-22 of the NC Department of Cultural Resources reference salvage of abandoned shipwrecks,… “the title to all bottoms of navigable waters within one marine league seaward from the Atlantic seashore measured from the extreme low watermark; and the title to all shipwrecks, vessels, cargoes, tackle, and underwater archaeological artifacts which have remained unclaimed for more than 10 years lying on the said bottoms, or on the bottoms of any other navigable waters of the State, is hereby declared to be in the State of North Carolina, and such bottoms, shipwrecks, vessels, cargoes, tackle, and underwater archaeological artifacts shall be subject to the exclusive dominion and control of the State.”

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