December 13, 2017

Student Guest Column:
CHSS Holiday Philanthropy!


This holiday season, the CHSS AVID classes teamed up with the Elizabeth City chapter of the Salvation Army to help raise money. In this case, the money went to a disaster relief fund. AVID students collected donations in the foyer every day before school to help families in need after the numerous storms and events that have damaged homes and lives this past fall.

In addition to this charitable act of community service, CHSS’ high school baseball teams did a Toys for Tots fundraiser, raising $1,259.82 that went to buying toys for children.
The coach of the team, Mr. Keith Durham, said that his inspiration came from a friend of his who coached football in Illinois, and who had given him the philanthropic idea. For ten years, Mr. Durham had run the annual fundraiser at the school where he previously taught, and when he started working at Cape Hatteras, he decided to bring the tradition with him.

Editor’s Note: The Island Free Press is delighted to be working with journalism students and writers from CHSS this year, and will be posting their work in our Commentary & Guest Columns page as they continue to grow into exceptional journalists.

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