December 27, 2017

Spans of Bonner Bridge Moving Closer to Eventual Connection


Per the latest video update from the NCDOT, crews at the Bonner Bridge project are getting closer to working on the southern and northern inclines that will eventually connect the in-process segments of the new bridge.

At the northern end of the Bonner Bridge project, having completed 25 spans stretching for .75 miles, crews are steadily making their way south to meet with the work already underway of what will be the bridge’s northern incline.

Meanwhile, out in the waters of the inlet, crews have completed half of the navigation zone’s new structure. Over the next couple of months, as work on the navigation zone progresses north, mariners in the area can expect closures in the current navigational channel for a period lasting up to two hours. Advance notice of closures will be given by the Coast Guard and the NCDOT.

South of the navigation zone, the last water-based footing has been poured, and with the addition of another crane to the project, crews are expected to begin installation of the columns and caps that will support the bridge’s southern incline in the coming weeks.

Further south, traffic on the newly completed Pea Island Bridge is flowing freely in its final pattern, as work is underway to remove the now obsolete “Lego Bridge,” as well as the former roadway leading to it.

NCDOT advises that travelers along the Bonner Bridge should expect daytime closures from Monday to Friday. One lane will remain open during these closures, however travelers should allow for extra time when necessary. Nighttime closures up to 30 minutes are also possible, however advance notice will be given via NCDOT social media channels and other outlets.

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