February 12, 2018

Boswell Announces Plan to Seek Re-election


On February 10, North Carolina State Representative Beverly G. Boswell (R-Dare) formally announced her plan to seek re-election to the North Carolina General Assembly representing N.C. House District 6 which covers Currituck, Dare, Hyde and Pamlico counties.

Prior to Rep. Boswell’s election to the state legislature in 2016, she served as a Dare County Commissioner and on numerous local boards/commissions, including PTA president at First Flight High School.

Boswell was elected to the Dare County Board of Commissioners in 2014 in a close race against Max Dutton that came down to a 30 vote margin. In 2016, she was elected as a State Representative over Warren Judge, who passed away shortly before Election Day.

In a press release, Boswell stated that tax cuts and the deregulation policies were two of the most significant pro-growth reforms enacted last year.

“During the 2017 session, we continued to cut taxes by lowering the Individual Income and Corporate Income tax rates, increased the standard deduction for Individual Income, and reduced the Franchise tax on S-corporations,” Rep. Boswell said in the release. “Putting more money back into the pockets of North Carolinians to spend or save, as well as back into the hands of businesses to create jobs and expand – are my guiding principles.”

Rep. Boswell also noted her support and promotion of the working watermen in Raleigh in the release. “Preserving our culture and heritage of our working waterman is critical. Poor science and knee jerk reactions are debilitating not only our fishermen, but our farmers are also under attack,” Rep. Boswell said in the statement. “Make no mistake - together we have accomplished a great deal, but more is required to continue to improve the quality of life by eliminating the unnecessary rules and regulations that are stifling individuals and families here in Eastern North Carolina from being able to thrive, grow and create jobs.”

She also mentioned her top record of attendance. Among the 956 recorded votes since January 2017, Rep. Boswell has been present in the House Chamber for 943 of those votes.

Rep. Boswell was a primary sponsor of House Bill 61, (Small Business Income Tax Relief), and was joined by House Finance Senior Chairman Jason Saine (R-Lincoln) and Reps. Kyle Hall (R-Stokes) and Brenden Jones (R-Columbus) as primary sponsors of the legislation.

Boswell also generated local controversy in 2017 by introducing a bill on March 7 to repeal the longstanding ban on thin, single-use plastic bags on the Outer Banks. The lifting of the ban was later passed as part of a larger environmental bill.

N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) and Senator Bill Cook (R-Beaufort) provided endorsements for Boswell’s re-election bid in the press release.

“Beverly Boswell is a dedicated public servant who is committed to improving the lives of every day Eastern North Carolinians,” said Senator Cook in the release. “She is a strong conservative who is committed to smaller government, lower taxes and less regulations. She does not bend to the prevailing winds of political correctness or what is so often termed the fashionable liberalism of the moment. Without hesitation, I’m proud to support her re-election bid.”

In addition to her legislative duties, Rep. Boswell also works at a local medical clinic in Nags Head, N.C. and has worked in the medical profession for nearly 30 years.

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