February 26, 2018

Lady Canes Leave for State Playoff Game
with a Storm of Support...WITH VIDEOS


On a chilly Monday evening, fans braved the cold and lined N.C. Highway 12 throughout the island to cheer on the Lady Canes as they departed for their Tuesday Regional Semifinals game against Pamlico County.

Escorted by a Buxton Volunteer Fire Department truck with lights blazing, the Activity Bus carrying the Canes was greeted with folks cheering and waving hurricane flags and signs from the Cape Hatteras School to the Cape Hatteras Motel.

More fans turned out to wave and send their support in the northern island towns, as the Activity Bus and the Lady Canes cruised off the island.

“It’s a tradition of sorts – they did this when my daughter played eight years ago, and [the Lady Canes] made the playoffs,” said one spectator.

It was also reported that two spirit buses available for high school students who want to attend and who are in good academic standing were also full, or nearly full.

Though there will be cheers of “Go Canes” regardless at tomorrow’s game – as the Pamlico County team is also called the Hurricanes – a number of local supporters are carpooling and planning to make the roughly three-hour ride to Bayboro to cheer on their home team athletes.

The Lady Canes (25-0) will play at the 1A East top-seed Pamlico County Hurricanes (24-1) on Tuesday at 6 p.m in Bayboro, and are the only team, (boys or girls) in northeastern North Carolina’s three high school conferences still playing in the NCHSAA championships.

If they win, they will advance to the Final Four round of the 2018 NCHSAA 1A Women’s Basketball Championships in Raleigh.

In the meantime, both folks at home and folks who are bringing the storm inland are sending a gale of good wishes for the undefeated Lady Canes. Go Canes!

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Videos by T.J. Rausch

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