March 15, 2018

CHNS Update From Ranger Karol Jones

Shorebird Season has started and Bird Resource protection areas were all installed as of yesterday.

Oregon Inlet, Cape Point, Frisco Campgrounds scheduled to open Friday March 30.

Seasonal ORV routes in front of villages will be posted closed on April 15.

Night driving still in effect until April 30.

Coming soon South Beach Road, aka Old Ramp 45 will open.  Maintenance still needs to place a drainage pipe for completion.  An ORV permit is NOT required if the road and parking area is accessed from the Cape Point campground.  Visitors can drive around the last loop until they see the sign P for Parking and turn right.  The road changes from asphalt to shell base.  Follow that road and stop at the stop sign posted at the intersection of Inside Road.  Go straight through the intersection to reach the parking area closer to the beach. Just past the parking area there will be bollards and a takedown gate signed for entry to Authorized Vehicles only.  Signs are posted on Inside Road at this intersection advising ORV Permits Required to turn in either direction.  ORV permit users on Inside Road have the right of way and will not have to stop and will also be able to freely turn onto South Beach Road.  

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